Nurse Practitioner Interview

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1-Description of the NONPF Core Competencies
2-Description of the APN Leader Interviewed
3-Analysis of the discussed APN competencies
a. Introduction
b. Description of the NONPF NP Core Competencies
c. Description of the Interview with the APN. (MAKE IT UP).
d. Analysis of the discussed APN competencies
e. Conclusion

1-Questions to Ask during Interview
how long have you been practicing as a NP
2- How many hours do you work?
3-Do you find your work rewarding?
4-How many patients do you see on a daily basis?
5- What do you find most important when performing patient teaching?
6- Do other nurses respect your position (RNs).?
7-Will you attempt to get your PHD?
8- Is there any advice you can give for a new NP?

The following are best practices for preparing this project paper: 

1. Review the NONPF Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies.
2. Identify an APN with whom to conduct an interview. The APN should practice in one of the following roles: CNS, CNP, CNM, or CRNA.
3. When conducting the interview, be sure to identify appropriate background information regarding the interviewee (who, what, where, when, and why).
4. Discuss the APN core competencies with the interviewee. Be sure to identify appropriate details including relevant practice examples gleaned from the APN leader.
5. When analyzing the discussed APN competencies, be sure to fully address each APN competency discussed in terms of original source and leader’s application to APN role (i.e., Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies [NONPF, 2011]).
6. Conclude the paper with a summary of the main points covered in the paper and the benefits of meeting the competencies within the APN role.


Operations Management – Assessment 2

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Please read the case study before answering the question. You must use examples of operations management concepts/tools/techniques/approaches to demonstrate strategies that can be used and using the literature to support assertions and recommendations. You must answer the assignment question using the lecture topics attached, please read the lecture notes in order to answer the question. These materials should form
the core of the answer. This knowledge will need to be supplemented by reading beyond the materials provided in the textbook. Also, use diagrams/charts etc to demonstrate the concepts. Use APA 6th Ed.

Project Question
Discuss the key problems that the firm faces and how the firm can improve their operations and
supply chain competitive advantage and optimise performance. Provide recommendations about how they can become more competitive using operations and
supply chain management tools, approaches, and techniques. Make sure you consider the
disadvantages (or negative elements) of the recommendations that you make.


Who were slaves? Who were masters? What was the nature of antebellum slavery? Use specific evidence from Douglass’ Narrative to address these questions. You may also draw from lecture and Foner’s Give Me Liberty! to construct your essay.

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Few subjects from the American past have garnered as much attention from historians as antebellum slavery. Indeed historians have probed the institution from numerous angles, including looking at the economic, legal, social, political and psychological dimensions of slavery. A brief look at the historiography on the subject reveals that historians’ understanding of the institution has varied widely. Put differently, American slavery has been a major source of contention among academics. This is striking considering that a single, central question underlay all of their investigations. No matter their specific research interests, all slave scholars’ inquiries boil down to: What was the nature of antebellum slavery?


Your charge in this assignment is to weigh in on these debates using Douglass’ narrative as evidence. In your essay, address the following questions:

Who were slaves? Who were masters? What was the nature of antebellum slavery? Use specific evidence from Douglass’ Narrative to address these questions. You may also draw from lecture and Foner’s Give Me Liberty! to construct your essay.

Be sure to establish a strong thesis in your introduction that directly addresses the essay prompt and support it throughout the body of your paper with specific evidence. When incorporating direct quotes (which you really, really should), use the citation system described below.


Ø 4 to 5 pages in length.

Ø 1 inch margins

Ø Double-spaced

Ø Times New Roman 12 point font

Using citations: When you borrow an idea or are quoting an author in your paper, you must cite. Here’s how—-

Ø If you are citing Douglass’ Narrative or our textbook Give Me Liberty!, put the author’s last name and the page number as a footnote— ie… [1] Douglass, 72.
If you are citing a primary source document that was assigned for the course, put the author’s (of the primary source) last name, abbreviated title of the document.


Organizational Behaviour

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



A common assumption is that personality traits are consistent across different organisational settings. Given this, traits such as conscientiousness and extroversion are often highly valued. In your view to what extent should managers place an emphasis on selecting staff based on perceived match between their personality traits and the nature of the role? 
In your discussion you will be expected to use correct academic writing style, Chicago 16 referencing format. Your opinions must be supported and linked to what you have read from the literature on each topic. 
Do not exceed 300 words on your initial posting. Work towards a 250 word tight argument for the graded discussion. Postings need to be supported by academic references (at least 3) not from the text book. When you undertake your graded discussion (assessment 1) Please avoid over-dependence on references from our text book (or other OB text books) in favour of specific peer-reviewed literature.


Complete Three Retail Marketing Questions

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1, There are 3 questions, so answer them respectively and write 500 words in each. 2, The three questions are about: (1) Retail Environment; (2) Electrical Retailer; (3) Retail Strategy. 3, I will upload you five relevant instructions, in file ‘last exam paper’ you can find the last exam’s content, you should indicate which three questions are the specified questions.And according to them write relevant answers. Other four files are references. 4, Keep plagiarism rate no more than 15% please.


BIM Execution/implementation Plan

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



3.3.1 Assignment objectives
On completion of this assignment the student should be able to:
– Understand BIM implementation processes and implications for practice.
– Assign information management principles within BIM for a construction project.
– Create a BIM collaboration and project management execution/implementation

Given these expectations, please note that the report should achieve the objectives
within 15 pages, INCLUDING ALL notes, diagrams, tables, figures, footnotes and
reference list. Given that various industry implementation plans are very lengthy
documents, you will need to be very deliberate and concise in presenting the
essential content.


Letter to Division of Emergency Management (Selective Service)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Client has been working for the Department of Children and Family (a Government Agency) for 10 years. He applied for a position at the Division of Emergency Management (another Government Agency). Interview went well. He was offered the position; However the Division of Emergency Management does not want to hire him if he does not provide a Selective Service Status Letter. I want to use a very SOFT/NICE tone to argue that the client does not really need the Selective Service Status Letter to be hired for the position since he is already working for the Government and entered the United States at the age of 29. Client will submit this letter to the Division of Emergency Management with a copy of his I-94 with date of entry stamp on it.
Source 1 –
Source 2: 


Week 2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Add two comments about any of the ideas described in the section “Readings and the Commentary” that interest you(approximately one paragraph each).


Financial Analysis and Control Systems

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Question 1 – your answer to this question should be approximately 4,500words excluding appendices




You are required to examine in detail the latest available Annual Report and Accounts of your selected Company / Group of Companies to provide an “in depth analysis” of the business and its financial performance.

The assessment examines three specific factors:


  1. Content,
  2. Interpretation and
  • Presentation.


Specific attention should be addressed to:

  1. The Directors Report
  2. The Statement of Accounting Policies

iii.             The Financial Reports:


  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Profit and Loss Account (or Income Statement)
  • The Cash Flow Statement


  1. The Supporting Schedules and Notes to the Accounts.


Your submission should include:


  1. a detailed review of the 12 months trading covered by the Report.
  2. an examination of the trend analysis covered by the “last 5 years key statistics”.

It is expected that your submission will relate the Directors Report to the key financial ratios and will include brief discussion of the “Accounting Policies”, and their suitability for the Business being analysed.

Please Note:


  1. It is expected that you will also research published records referring to the relevant company –


Press Releases

Analysis / Brokers Reports

Press Commentary on Results


  1. An internet link to the Annual Accounts you used MUST be included in the submission – please do not submit the accounts themselves!



  1. A content page and page numbering
  2. Indicating the question number
  3. Properly structure the discussion into sections and provide subtitles for each section.
  4. Assignment must be properly referenced at ALL times and written in your own words
  5. Text should be easily readable , suggest font size no less than 12pt and 1.5 line spacing.



Please Note:


You may find it helpful to access one of the many Databases that are available. Here you will find lots of ratios already calculated for you!


Two that are easily accessible from the library are:

1               FAME (Financial Accounts Made Easy.)

  • Go to the University Home Page
  • Quick scroll down to main library home page
  • Electronic resources
  • Databases
  • Scoll down to Subject specific – A-Z – letter F.
  • There you will find FAME.
  • From the FAME home page: you have a choice of new search / easy search
  • Type in the name of the company you are looking for (e.g. Tesco)
  • Up will come a list of ALL the companies with the name ‘Tesco’.
  • Be sure to select the correct company. (They are sorted in descending order so you are likely to need one of the first companies.)
  • Detailed search – This will give you a detailed listing of ratios for the company you have selected.
  • To do another search you need to go to ‘delete search’ !


2               Datastream

To access Datastream you will need to book a slot in the Corporate Information Library.(CIL) This is not difficult, you can ring up – it is usually free, but at certain times of year it can be busy.

  • The terminal you will need is on the left as you go into the CIL and there are simple instructions available.
  • This is the order of ‘play’
  • Start / programme / Dswindiws2.20
  • The programmes which are  most useful are
  • 190D
  • 101A
  • 101C
  • You will need to find out the code for the  company which is included in the software.
  • It is also possible to compare your company with the rest of the companies in the same sector.


3          You are expected to include any ratios which you have obtained from such sources as appendices to your post module work. This PMW is not about being able to calculate the ratios, but about what they tell you about the company under scrutiny.


Assessment 3 task: Using the case study scenario below, develop a discharge plan for the elderly patient being discharged from acute care to home to promote healthy ageing and independence. Scenario George is a 76year old European man due for discharge

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Assessment 3 task: Using the case study scenario below, develop a discharge plan for the elderly patient being discharged from acute care to home to promote healthy ageing and independence.


George is a 76year old European man due for discharge at the end of the week from an acute orthopaedic ward following treatment of a right sided #NOF involving a total hip replacement. George had been found on the floor of his 3 bedroom ground level home by his neighbour and close friend following an unwitnessed fall.

George, a tradesman, migrated to Australia in the 1960s with his wife and settled in the house he still lives in today. He has 3 adult children who live interstate accept his youngest daughter who lives with her 2 very young children over an hour’s drive away. George’s wife of 56 years passed away twelve months ago from a myocardial infarct. George’s wife managed the house and cared for George very well, her death was very sudden and unexpected.

George speaks broken English and is usually a fit and healthy older man who has been living independently, only relying on his close friend and neighbour for assistance when needed.


Your assignment should address in essay format the following holistic health considerations for the ageing population;

Briefly discuss what an ACAT assessment involves and why it is used. Identify if an ACAT assessment is appropriate for ‘George’ and how it can assist discharge planning
Compare and contrast community care and support strategies available to support independent living and healthy ageing.
Identify which of these are appropriate for George to enable him to live at home.
Identify and discuss strategies that could be utilised if it is identified that George is not managing to live independently or his health deteriorates
Explain why the strategies you have identified are appropriate
Critically discuss how a patients cultural background and age demographic impacts on perception and expectation of care