Module 6. topic 2 Vision, Leadership and Learning (RESPONDS)

Please write 3-4 paragraphs to answer and write responds on this topic from the references:


M6T2. With this article “The Factory as a Learning Laboratory” we again see the importance of systems thinking and the high value placed on total integration of the enterprise. Recall from your reading that Daniels provides in chapter 9 of “The Measure of a leader, four characteristic of follower behaviors, each with three measures. Find an example of each of Daniels’ four follower behaviors exhibited in “The Factory as a Learning Laboratory” and briefly describe the example, including your reasoning for identifying the example as one of Daniels four types of follower behavior. Use specific page references and quotes.

Instructor requirements about responds:

Your response to each topic question should be substantive, providing a perspective based on your reading, knowledge, and experience. Make sure to reference the readings as appropriate with specific page numbers and quotes for full credit

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