Final Analysis Paper

Final Analysis Paper

Using the student’s place of employment, or an organization with which the student is familiar, students will prepare an organization analysis paper organized according to Dr. Andreadis’ model of a learning organization and incorporating knowledge gained throughout the course. The paper will follow APA style and these guidelines:

1. Start with an introduction to the organization and its mission, products, service and customers. Note: this paper is about the whole organization, not a division or department.

2. Clearly use the nine questions for headings in your paper. Do not change or combine the questions.

3. The main body of the paper will address the nine questions posed by Andreadis at the end of the article. Thoughtful reflection and analysis is required, incorporating all course content to support your opinions as appropriate. Obviously, a simple yes or no response to any question is unacceptable. Similarly, comments such as “I don’t typically have access to the information to answer this question” or simply, “I don’t know” are not acceptable. Your job is to understand the organization, viewed through the lens of major course concepts, at a level needed to complete the assignment.

4. Finish with recommendations for improving the organization’s effectiveness and learning capacity based on relevant course content and your own professional experience.

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