Aid for Trade

Final paper:

  1. 8 pages or more
  2. Do literature review on aid for trade and discuss about the policies related to this area at the beginning part of the paper
  3. Look at the WTO website and the discussions being done around this topic and do some literature review and policy discussion in the paper
  4. At the second part, choose one country as a country case study of “aid for trade”
  5. Use data from (The website required you to have a registered account in order to retrieve data) and WTO website. You can use the data from WITS database on trade but you will look at either export or import and the rest from World Development indicators or OECD
  6. Use STATA software to run data you retrieved from WITS database. Use the STATA results and graphs as empirical evidence in order to support the thesis and hypothesis in the case study. Remember, have to find exports and imports data of the chosen country
  7. Can include STATA results, tables and graphs in the paper, but has to explain why and how these graphs can support the argument
  8. Have to provide Excel file of the data and STATA code; have to cite where you find the data and how you find them
  9. In the paper, you have to argue: What is “aid for trade”? What does previous economists think about “aid for trade”? What is the effect of “aid for trade” in developing countries or developed countries? What is the effect of “aid for trade” in the chosen country? What is the chosen country’s economy? What policies have been made as “aid for trade”? Is there any problems caused by “aid for trade”? Is “aid for trade” in the chosen country good for the economic growth? How does “aid for trade” affect the chosen country’s exports and imports? Why are “aid for trade” good or bad for the chosen economy?
  10. It is an International Trade Economic class. So make sure you do not only argue the relationship between variables. Make sure to argue why and how these variables are related.
  11. Make sure you address the research questions thoroughly and in detail. The case study should also be explained thoroughly.
  12. Make sure you follow each of the instructions. Also, it is a term research paper, so it has to be in detailed. Do not introduce something briefly without explanation. If there are extra instructions, I will send message to you.

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