Recruitment of a Star Paper

Based on the case study, write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words that addresses the following questions:

1) If you were Stephen Conner, who would you hire, and why?

2) What problems does Stephen Conner face?

3) What should Peter’s replacement look like, and which of the candidates best fits this description?

4) Put yourself in the place of each of the five candidates (including Rina). What should each person highlight during the interview process? How could each person differentiate him or herself from the other candidates?

5) Analyze the selection processes being used. What are the strengths and weaknesses, and how could any weaknesses be mitigated?

6) How would the organizational entry and socialization process differ between Rina and one of the other candidates if chosen?

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


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McDonalds and the Fast Food Industry.


1. McDonalds and the Fast Food Industry.
Analyze the changing competitive environment in the global fast food industry. Evaluate the changes which McDonalds has made in its’ strategy. Compare and contrast McDonald’s strategy with that of its major competitors. To what extent is it true that adaptation to a changing environment has resulted in the dilution of the competitive differences which was McDonald’s initial advantage? Are the glory days of the big fast food giants over anyway?
*‘McDonald’s strategy in quick-service restaurant industry’, Thompson, Crafting and Executing Strategy, 18th Edition, McGraw-Hill,p.7.

‘McDonald’s: Polishing the Golden Arches, Thompson, Crafting and Executing Strategy, 14th Edition, McGraw-Hill, p.213-234.

‘Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Global Fast Food Industry, Thompson, Crafting and Executing Strategy, 13th Edition, McGraw-Hill, p.203-224.

John Love, McDonalds: Behind the Arches, 1999

Sara Gilbert, The Story of McDonalds, 2008

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our business plan is to create coffee shop named ( Brainbucks) contains of 2 floors and 2 sections(male and female).
it offers a small library in the ground floor with different variety of books in both languages, people can rent our books from the library. We’ll offer 2 periods.
the first period we’ll call it “Shshsh please!” it starts from 9 am until 7 pm. This period people can come to the coffee shop and work QUIETLY!
The second period “Chatting time” starts from 7 pm – 12am during these hours people will come to our coffee as a normal coffee where they can speak loudly and chat Comfortably.
The first floor will include 8 study rooms.
the point of the study room is to have a locked room for the groups who wants to work together on their projects or to study together in a prepared places.
We’ll offer tutoring for them.

We need you to put these questions in your mind while doing our project:
Who are we targeting?
Students from high school until masters students.
How we serve food?
We serve coffee and food inside the library and in the study rooms in both periods.
How men are separated from women?
to avoid any issues we’ll make separate places. Female area and male area.
and for the study rooms we’ll make 4 rooms for the male and the other 4 for the female.
How the reservation is done?
its either reserving online through our website using VISA or come to our coffee shop and pay cash.
They can hold a room for 4 hours without paying. But after paying there is no cancelation.

you have to stick to the same format i attached with the same EXACT headings!! the business is in Saudi arabia , created by saudi college girls ( please read a little but about our culture )

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Effects of Human Capital

True, False, or Uncertain: State whether the following statements are true, false, or uncertain, and explain why.

  1. [3 points] If unemployed workers become discouraged, then the official unemployment rate will not change.
  2. [3 points] High transaction costs (e.g., specifying job tasks in detail) and the importance of specific human capital (i.e., skills acquired on the job) are typically responsible for firms’ preferences in hiring employees rather than independent contractors.

Problems: Answer the following questions. In order to receive full marks, all intermediate work leading to the final answer must be shown.

  1. Consider a firm which sells output and buys labor in a competitive market. The firm’s production function is given by


Complete Exercise 4.7. The question asks you to compare the actual and estimated values for the probability that there is no collision for a hash function.

Reminder: The constant, e = 2.71828… , that appears in the estimate formula is the base of the natural logarithms.

Hint: Use Excel.

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Business Law vs Culture in the UAE when Disputes Arise


The paper must be cited according to OSCOLA referencing

Title: Business Culture in the UAE: Who the real silent partner is in court and why.

RQ: Why are foreigners looking to invest outwit a free-zone area in the GCC forced to give away majority ownership to a national, and what are the implications of this law when a dispute arises between the parties or when one of the parties passes away?

This paper seeks to analyze the risks associated to investment that foreigners (place focus on UK citizens) face when they establish business outwits a free zone in the GCC. It serves as a guideline and provides a unique perspective into the business laws and cultures that impact foreigners. Important to look into the freedom of contract and what the risks are for foreigners vs the risks for UAE nationals.

Section 1: Foreign investment law – History and reasoning behind it
In the UAE, when a foreign investor (any national besides GCC nationals) wants to start a business, they must make a UAE national their partner. Some business licenses such as the license for money exchange, e-commerce, restaurant, and Construction Company are only given to GCC nationals. Other business licenses are open to foreign investors, however the UAE national is given 51% ownership of the business. A foreign investor cannot own 100% of business unless it is in the free zone.
What is the rationale behind this law? Look at neighboring countries that did not/do not have these laws. What has been the outcome? Palestine, Israel? Or South America?

Section 2: The business culture vs. the law
According to the law, the UAE national is a partner in the business. (Look at the constitution, and see how the law must treat the situation. Compare it to the business culture) However, according to the business culture, the UAE national is just a silent partner. According to the business culture, in order to get a UAE national as a partner, the foreign investor must pay an annual fee to the national. The foreign investor prepares all the capital and funds required to commence the business. The UAE national and the foreign investor write a memorandum, in which the national releases themselves from all liabilities, but does not mention that they are excluded from the profit. The foreign investor takes responsibility of all liabilities and risks associated to the company. From that moment onwards, the UAE national is referred to as the “silent partner” as they do not take part in the day-to-day activities of the business.
Q: Can foreigners get insurance to cover the 51%?

Section 3: What happens when a dispute arises – implications of the 51/49 law.
However, in the past 3 decades, whenever a dispute for any particular reason arises between the two, the UAE national has the upper hand, since they own 51% of the company. The national can at any point go to the economic department and request that all business activities are halted. They can also do the same at the bank and block the funds in the company’s bank account. They have the ability to start a case against the foreign investor and claim that they have been deprived from the profits of the business.

There have been hundreds of cases relating to this matter. A major public case has been the one between Sheikh Hasher of the Dubai royal family and Shahram Zadeh who was falsely detained for 60 days.
Ruling family is untouchable, especially in disputes. The Attorney General dismissed the case and the emir gave no response. Q: Would the Attorney general dismiss the case if it included non-elites?

Section 4: What happens when one partner passes away
If the foreign investor passes away, the UAE national has the option of cancelling the company or can take full ownership of the company. If the foreign investor has their family with them in the country, then the family is forced to leave the country as their sponsor has passed away. If the UAE national passes away, their share is passed on to their family. This may lead to another dispute as the family member who takes control is entitled to open a case similar to the one mentioned in section 3,where they can claim profit.

-Look at institutions in London,UK that provide assistance to citizens who want to invest in the UAE (British Council, Institute of Directors,ME Investment)
-Look at cases where issues have arisen
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