US entry into foreign wars Examining US entry into foreign wars in 1898 and again in 1917, what factors do you find were most important in making those decisions?In terms of motivations and causes, what did the two decisions to shift from neutrality (or at least not direct military involvement) to intervention have in common and how did they differ? Essay Guidelines – It should be at least 4 pages long – Make sure you use the sources used in class! – Make references – Have a strong thesis statement – If you use sources outside of the assigned readings, make sure they are academic, and use appropriate citation style -Chicago should be good – Your introduction and “thesis statement” might be the last thing you write in an essay. Oftentimes it is difficult to tell how exactly to formulate a claim until a good amount of the essay’s body has been written. Sources: – George F. Kennan, American Diplomacy – Dennis Merrill and Thomas G. Paterson, eds., Major Problems in American Foreign Relations, Vol. II: Since 1914, 7th ed. (Chapter 1,2) – Thomas G. Paterson et al., American Foreign Relations: A History, Volume 2: Since 1895, 8th ed. (Chapter 1,2,3)

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