Disscussion Board

Disscussion Board

1. Discuss the impact of healthcare disparities among population groups.

2. Provide a review of that group and how their health is impacted negatively with at LEAST 3 RECOMMENDATIONS to address improving that health status.

2. The article should PROVIDE A FRAMEWORK for your review but will require more references to validate your critique.

***Population group will be African-Americans so please read attachment***

Writing Journal & Summarize

Writing Journal & Summarize

Then write a journal in one page or less to cover the two points. The two pints that you have to be covered just the next two points NO more: 1- What are the main ideas of each section of the reading? 2- How are these main ideas meaningful to you in your life, education, and future career? About me: I’m a student and my major is computer science.

Part 1 Offenses in the UCR

Part 1 Offenses in the UCR

Paper details:

Include a graph/diagram or chart to support your paper. Create a Table using Part I offenses in the UCR for South Carolina during 2011 and 2012.  All sources must be properly explained. This paper must detail how you collected data and your interpretations of data. Please do not plagiarize and make sure doi numbers are included with references



. A research paper (minimum 15 pages) that explores in greater depth any of the topics found in the course outline. This paper must be a well researched and fully documented analysis of a social/political problem in Australia. U.S./Australia comparisons will not be accepted.
Research sources may include internet resources but anything above 50% usage of internet will not be accepted.


Jamrozik, Ch. 4
Geoffrey Blainey, A Shorter History of Australia, Chapters 1-2

VT 7538: Babakiueria
VT 8222: Mabo
DVD 438: Rabbit Proof
below sources to use but dont write in the refences wikipeidie, add other sources




Case breif

Case breif

case brief evaluating “public relations in action.” It should include an introduction, the facts of the case, and your analysis and evaluation of the case. The original case material must be attached. Your writing will be evaluated on the following criteria:

•Introduction/Original Source Material One paragraph introduction; source material is attached

•Facts of the case: Formative research: discussion of research, including key publics

Strategy: discussion of objectives and strategy, including public relations action/response and communication effectiveness

Tactics: discussion of communication tactics and implementation

Evaluation: discussion of program/campaign evaluation techniques

•Personal observations Discussion of the case’s strengths and weaknesses; what you learned from this case; how what you learned might apply in other situations; in what other applications it might be useful; how it is related to other cases with which you are familiar.

Impacts of Oil Production in the Developing World

Impacts of Oil Production in the Developing World

Assessment Brief

The Regular Assignment requires you to engage with the debates on the impacts of oil&gas production in petroleum-dependent developing countries. In preparing for the debate data should be gathered from the group’s independent research with specific illustrative examples from as many oil and gas producing developing countries as possible and should be presented using a range of theoretical frameworks and methods covered in units 1-5 of this module.

Debate Motion
Debate: Petroleum-producing developing countries stand to benefit more by doing business with China and India as against Western Democracies

Group 4 is Negative (opposes/contests the motion)
Further Information
• The Debates: Group 4 to contest the motion (Negative). There are three major challenges/tasks for each team:
I. Your Position (12 minutes): Based on a well-referenced interpretation of the motion, present arguments in support of your ‘view’ or ‘team line’ and use this to impress upon the audience a basic statement of why the proposition is true (affirmative) or false (negative).
II. Rebuttals and Cross-examination (12 minutes): You will be given a chance to rebut (or critique) your opponent’s main arguments and/or to cross examine them (Q&A).
III. Closing Statements (2 minutes): Each team will make a brief closing statement.
To be submitted at the time of the debate:
1. Hard Copy of your Position Paper (maximum 3 A4 pages). This handout should clearly summarize your key arguments, the contributions of each group member and a list of the most relevant references Harvard style. It should also indicate your Group Number, Names and ID numbers of group members.

2. Please i need you to follow rubric attached accordingly for good grades.

qualitative Interviews & insights

qualitative Interviews & insights
INSTRUCTIONS – what you will do
• Identify the behavior, process, consumer experience, or question you want to address. Be
specific. For example, if you have never colored your hair, you might examine hair coloring. Or if
you’ve never shaved you may want to analyze behaviors around shaving facial hair.
• Determine your target and identify interviewees. Again, be specific and precise so you have a
homogenous group. For example, you may choose to interview people who regularly dye their hair,
or men who shave daily.
• Write a series of screening questions to qualify your participants, based on the first two steps.
• Write your interview/discussion guide.
• Conduct 5 individual, in-person interviews.
• Analyze your data.
• Write your final report.
CONTENT – What your report must include (18 points)
1. Study Objectives (what did you want to learn about, and why?)
2. Method –how you selected participants, how you gathered information
3. Findings –what you learned, based on the answers provided in the interviews. This is where you
summarize the data and offer your INSIGHTS
4. Summary and conclusions, including suggestions for further research
5. Attach your screening questions and interview guide
FORMAT – What your report must look like (2 points)
• Use Times Roman or equivalent 12-point font, 1” margins, double-spaced
• Be sure to include your name, PID, course name, section number, and date.
• Your report should be 4 – 5 pages, not including attachments, stapled.
• Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are required and points will be deducted for errors.
EVALUATION – How your report will be graded
Assignments will be graded based on adherence to all requirements, thoroughness of answers,
accuracy, and creativity.

Census of Population (data analysis)

Census of Population (data analysis)

1.Use the attached table to identify the data set you have been assigned

2.Use economic theory to form an hypothesis regarding the relationship between two variables found in your data set

3.Specify and estimate a regression that will allows you to test your hypothesis
using observations from your data set. Explain choice of dependent and RHS variables. Define all variables.

4.Carry out diagnostic tests on your estimated equation based on potential CLR

5.Test your hypothesis

6.Report results of estimation and tests
. Results should include estimated regression, any diagnostics tests, hypothesis tests and descriptive statistics of regression variables.