Understanding the Ubuntu desktop

Initially, you may notice many similarities between Ubuntu and other operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X. This is because they are all based on the concept of a graphical user interface (GUI)—i.e., you use your mouse to navigate the desktop, open applications, move files, and perform most other tasks. In short, things are visually-oriented. This

SLP is designed to help you become familiar with various applications and menus in Ubuntu so that you become confident in using the Ubuntu GUI.


All GUI-based operating systems use a desktop environment. Desktop environments contain many features, including (but not limited to):

  • The look and feel of the system
  • The organization of the desktop
  • How the user navigates the desktop

Ubuntu uses Unity as the default desktop environment. The Unity desk-top is comprised of the desktop background and two bars—a horizontal one located at the top of your desktop called themenu bar and a vertically-oriented bar at the far left called the Launcher.

The Desktop Background

Below the menu bar at the top of the screen is an image covering the entire desktop. This is the default desktop background, or wallpaper, belonging to the default Ubuntu 14.04 theme known asAmbiance. To learn more about customizing your desktop (including changing your desktop background).

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Each example must describe the application and explain how this method is better than other methods (a paragraph).


  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Microphone
  • Pointing devices
  • Body Motion detection
  • Neutral network
  • Biological network
  • Virtual environment
  • 3-D Technology
  • Advanced voice recognition


List 10 actual examples with descriptions of innovative methods to capture data. To get you started look at law enforcement, agriculture, GPS, hand held devices, manufacturing, RFID, barcoding among other numerous fields. Find examples that are actually used, are unexpected, or cutting edge. In your description describe how this method is better, faster, less expensive, etc. than current methods. List sources that you used.

Note: Each example must describe the application and explain how this method is better than other methods (a paragraph).


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Select an appropriate organisation and critically analyse the strengths of its internal controls.

  1. Select an appropriate organisation and critically analyse the strengths of its internal controls. Identify the process it uses in the selection and functions of its audit committee.

Instructions: The following is required:

  • A professional cover page
  • The assignment should be no longer than 2,500 words. The word limit is indicative only.
  • Use of Times Roman 12-point font and double line spacing
  • 4 relevant references
  • Avoid Plagiarism

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Due by Day 7. Topic Identification.

Due by Day 7.  Topic Identification.  In one- to two-pages (not including title and reference pages), describe an event planning business you would like to start. You will use this business for your Final Paper. Provide an explanation of the nature of the business that includes the types of events you are planning, and why you are interested in starting this company.

Here are some examples of possible businesses:  • An event management business that markets trade shows for an industry of your choice.  like food service • An event management business that facilitates corporate events. eating health not sure • An event management business that plans technology conferences for a specific industry. Your paper must be formatted in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Be sure to cite and use at least three scholarly sources.

Raj, R., Walters, P., & Rashid, T. (2013). Events management. London: SAGEISBN: 9781446200728

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I have run out of time to complete a powerpoint presentation on an national park

I have run out of time to complete a powerpoint presentation on an national park management plan.  I really need help with this as soon as possible.

I will paste the description and rubric below.

Research a National Park, a National Forest or a National Wildlife Refuge that has a complete management plan in place. Be sure to select an area about which you can find sufficient information, but don’t pick a site so large and complex that you’d need to write an entire book to cover it thoroughly. Create a PowerPoint presentation of roughly 20-30 slides and demonstrate knowledge of the following: ownership and management philosophy, primary management issues, primary management problems, types of products extracted/used, and any other important issues related to the course materials and information gathered from primary scientific literature.  Pay attention to the grading summary below – 30 points have been allocated to the analysis and critique of the plan, so don’t just report on the plan itself.  This is meant to be quite a thorough presentation, so if you need more than 30 slides to do it well, that is fine, just don’t write me a dissertation.

Be sure to refer to the book and primary scientific literature as you MUST include course concepts into this assignment or your grade will be reduced accordingly. You should have 3-5 (or more) sources and you must also cite them on each slide (APA style) and in your final slide, which should be a Reference slide and should include the book and as one of your sources as well as some primary scientific literature.  Don’t forget that you must cite the sources of your images as well as your data/information.  Be creative – your assignment will be graded not only on content, but also on the effectiveness of your presentation.


This course uses automatic plagiarism checking software that has been embedded here in the Assignments (you do not have to login through the turnitin website). It takes roughly 15 minutes for the system to process your submission and show your similarity score.  Your score should be “in the green” in terms of the percentage.  In order to reduce your percentage appropriately, you may submit your work up to 3 times prior to the deadline to check you similarity scores.

Turnitin does not allow for powerpoint submission, you should convert your presentation to a pdf and then attach both files to this Assignment.  If your PowerPoint file is too large to attach, then just submit the pdf file.

Grading Summary

1) Introduction to the Park/Refuge/Forest (10 points)

2) Management Plan overview (20 points – see breakdown below)

2a: management philosophy (5 points)

2b: primary management issues (5 points)

2c: primary management problems (5 points)

2d: products extracted/used (5 points)

3) A critical evaluation of management plan, incorporating course topics and scientific evidence (30 points)

4) Appropriate length & depth (10 points)

5) Appropriate number of sources, properly cited within the writing and at the end of the essay (10 points)

6) Mechanics, writing style, grammar, spelling, and turnitin score (10 points)

7) Presentation style & effectiveness (10 points)

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Procedure: You’re going to prepare a written memorandum to your supervisor to ..

Procedure: You’re going to prepare a written memorandum to your supervisor to assist him in preparing a presentation for anew business client. In addition to the information provided below, refer to the general information on business organizations and employer-independent contractor relationships in your textbook. You’ll also need to do some Internet research. Then write your memorandum.

Goal: Your goal for this project is to complete a well-written memorandum to your supervisor to address two legal issues:■ The appropriate form of business organization for your client’s business■ Requirements for your client’s independent contractor agreement, to make sure it’s a legally enforceable independent contractor agreement and not viewed as an employment agreement. Remember not to use too much legalese in your memo.

Writing Guidelines:  Use the writing guidelines to prepare your answers in well organized paragraphs.1. Type your submission, double-spaced, in a standard print font, size 12. Use a standard document format with one inch margins. (Don’t use any fancy or cursive fonts.)2. Include the following information at the top of your submission:Name and address, student number, course title and number, and project number.3. Read the assignment carefully and address the issues suggested.4. Be specific. Limit your submission to the topics raised.5. Include a reference page that lists Web sites, journals, or any other references used in preparing the submission. Remember, if you use someone’s words or ideas, you must cite them directly in your memo.6. Proofread your work carefully. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. For this project, please use the following format for your legal memorandum: To :From: Re: Date: Summary of Applicable Facts :Issues :Law: Analysis:

The Project: MEMORANDUM To: Student From: Supervisor Re: New Client, Career Institute of America, Inc. (CIA)Date: December 6, 20—FACTS: We have just met a new client, the CEO of Career Institute of America, Inc. (CIA). Although the business was formed a year ago as a nonprofit corporation, they’re not sure they’re happy being a nonprofit. CIA is a classroom and online education organization that specializes in training students in the United States auto industry, one of this country’s largest industries. Their founder, who also serves as the CEO of CIA, would like to retain most of the ownership and control of the company, since it is really his enterprise. He also has some concerns about the independent contractor agreement their instructors must sign when they agree to work for the company. He wants to be sure they’re not construed as employees of the company and are viewed as true independent contractors.

Note that most of the company’s income is from online training courses. You should also know that they received a U.S.Department of Labor retraining grant for the instruction they’re currently providing and that this type of grant is awarded only to nonprofit educational organizations. Even though CIA was able to obtain this grant as a nonprofit institution, they realize it was a one-time grant. They must make their income from tuition for online courses and in the two small classrooms in which they teach traditional courses. This is why they’re not necessarily opposed to changing their form of business from a nonprofit organization to a for-profit business. You should further know that the employment contract they provide to their instructors looks as if it was designed by an amateur and may not comply with the legal requirements for a valid independent contractor agreement. RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT: Research two areas of law and prepare a memorandum addressing each area, so the client can be properly advised how to proceed. First, determine the limitations of a nonprofit corporation in the state of Delaware, the state in which CIA was formed and is doing business. You should also review the law for nonprofit and for-profit corporations, as well as limited liability companies, to determine the best form of business for the client. Consult the listing of Delaware statutes on the Delaware state website at to assist you in your research.

The second issue concerns the contract that CIA has its instructors sign. (The instructors teach the programs and grade the student’s papers.) You’ll need to review the law dealing with employment and independent contractor agreements to determine what the contract needs to include to be properly viewed as an independent contractor agreement and not an employment agreement. Research employment and independent contractor agreements online. A general search using these terms in the websites listed above or even on Google, Bing, or any other search engine should assist you in finding the law dealing with these types of agreements. Since the agreements will be signed by our client’s instructors located in each state we want to use the general law dealing with such agreements. In your memorandum, please be sure to identify each of the key elements necessary for the agreement to be viewed as an independent contractor agreement and not an employment agreement, as well as any other suggestions you might have for the client in connection with their instructor contracts.

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Normalization and Design Review of Vince’s Vinyl Scenario.

Normalization and Design Review of Vince’s Vinyl Scenario… See attachments for details!! One screenshot is the Scenario and the To Do list and one screenshot is the diagram that was made in previous chapter. Please ask if you have any questions or need anything.

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Write an analytical summary of the article focusing on the article’s main claims

Write an analytical summary of the article focusing on the article’s main claims. Include the following:

  • Provide a brief summary of the argument presented in the article.
  • Identify any value-based assertions in the article and how the author supports these value-based conclusions with evidence.
  • Discuss how this evidence does or does not demonstrate relevance, consistency, transparency, and speculation.
  • Analyze how the author signals the use of these elements through language. For example, word choices, transitions, or logical connections.

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Requirements Analysis

Requirements Analysis



Business Goals


User Requirements

Data Requirements

Reporting Requirements


Data Model and Dictionary

Identify some of the entities, relationships and information concerning the data model

SQL statements for all create tables and other sql statements as described.

Sample Application design ideas

Hardware and Software identified

Back-up and Recovery Ideas

Individual Data Management Project Plan and Presentation

Primarily this will be an individual/group online project, all design, research and work will be completed within the group environment. Students will become familiar with data management, database modeling and design, and skills to develop a group project plan these requirements include:

Requirements Analysis – including background, purpose, business goals, system overview, user requirements, data requirements, reporting requirements, schedule and project costs.

Data model and data dictionary

Sample application screens

General hardware and software requirements

Back-up and Disaster Recovery Plan

Final Deliverables will include:

Project Plan

All Requirements described above

Possible online PPT presentation.

Additional support material and documentation as required.


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Bank Reserves, Money and the Fed Balance Sheet

Bank Reserves, Money and the Fed Balance Sheet

Graph the required reserves of the banking system and the excess reserves and the total reserves.

Do this for the years 1999-2015.

This is the data base.

You should be able to explain table 1.

Please use the data download program for graphing.

Build package:


Graph M1 and M2 for the same years.

This is the data base.

Use seasonally adjusted data when you have the choice.

Use Build Package

We are interested in the totals across both thrifts and commercial banks.

Graph the level if the assets owned by the Federal Reserve for the same years.

Table L:109. You can not use the build package in this case. Look on the right side of screen

Select a preformatted data package


What is the connection between the level of bank reserves, the assets owned by the Federal Reserve System and the supply of M1?

Show the steps you took and what you have observed. Summarize. Thanks.

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