Due by Day 7. Topic Identification.

Due by Day 7.  Topic Identification.  In one- to two-pages (not including title and reference pages), describe an event planning business you would like to start. You will use this business for your Final Paper. Provide an explanation of the nature of the business that includes the types of events you are planning, and why you are interested in starting this company.

Here are some examples of possible businesses:  • An event management business that markets trade shows for an industry of your choice.  like food service • An event management business that facilitates corporate events. eating health not sure • An event management business that plans technology conferences for a specific industry. Your paper must be formatted in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Be sure to cite and use at least three scholarly sources.

Raj, R., Walters, P., & Rashid, T. (2013). Events management. London: SAGEISBN: 9781446200728

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