I have run out of time to complete a powerpoint presentation on an national park

I have run out of time to complete a powerpoint presentation on an national park management plan.  I really need help with this as soon as possible.

I will paste the description and rubric below.

Research a National Park, a National Forest or a National Wildlife Refuge that has a complete management plan in place. Be sure to select an area about which you can find sufficient information, but don’t pick a site so large and complex that you’d need to write an entire book to cover it thoroughly. Create a PowerPoint presentation of roughly 20-30 slides and demonstrate knowledge of the following: ownership and management philosophy, primary management issues, primary management problems, types of products extracted/used, and any other important issues related to the course materials and information gathered from primary scientific literature.  Pay attention to the grading summary below – 30 points have been allocated to the analysis and critique of the plan, so don’t just report on the plan itself.  This is meant to be quite a thorough presentation, so if you need more than 30 slides to do it well, that is fine, just don’t write me a dissertation.

Be sure to refer to the book and primary scientific literature as you MUST include course concepts into this assignment or your grade will be reduced accordingly. You should have 3-5 (or more) sources and you must also cite them on each slide (APA style) and in your final slide, which should be a Reference slide and should include the book and as one of your sources as well as some primary scientific literature.  Don’t forget that you must cite the sources of your images as well as your data/information.  Be creative – your assignment will be graded not only on content, but also on the effectiveness of your presentation.


This course uses automatic plagiarism checking software that has been embedded here in the Assignments (you do not have to login through the turnitin website). It takes roughly 15 minutes for the system to process your submission and show your similarity score.  Your score should be “in the green” in terms of the percentage.  In order to reduce your percentage appropriately, you may submit your work up to 3 times prior to the deadline to check you similarity scores.

Turnitin does not allow for powerpoint submission, you should convert your presentation to a pdf and then attach both files to this Assignment.  If your PowerPoint file is too large to attach, then just submit the pdf file.

Grading Summary

1) Introduction to the Park/Refuge/Forest (10 points)

2) Management Plan overview (20 points – see breakdown below)

2a: management philosophy (5 points)

2b: primary management issues (5 points)

2c: primary management problems (5 points)

2d: products extracted/used (5 points)

3) A critical evaluation of management plan, incorporating course topics and scientific evidence (30 points)

4) Appropriate length & depth (10 points)

5) Appropriate number of sources, properly cited within the writing and at the end of the essay (10 points)

6) Mechanics, writing style, grammar, spelling, and turnitin score (10 points)

7) Presentation style & effectiveness (10 points)

Need assistance with this?