Critical thinking skills


Class, Critical thinking skills are widely thought of as being traits we can build. I can build my communication skills, research skills, and my self-esteem. These are all traits of good critical thinkers. Creative thinking traits might be viewed a little differently. The Changing Minds website has a four step process for building creativity. URL –

Noted here is a clear message that we can build creativity.

I thought taking a little creativity test would be fun. This test has 40 questions and will take you about 15 minutes to complete. –

You can see the results right away and you do not have to enter an email address. The results will present eight different traits or metrics. I measured high on complexity, abstraction, perspective, and persistence and low on connection and boldness. I agree with these findings! These traits help me to be a creative thinker because I think beyond the initial answer or solution.

In what areas did you score high and low? Do you agree with the findings? How do these traits help you to be a creative thinker?

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