Write a 1500-word essay that compares and contrasts the traditional fairytale and the urban legend by focusing on Cinderella and Bloody Mary. Your paper should be written from an interdisciplinary analysis of these myths in terms of the disciplines utilized in this course such as history and communication studies. The “Style Guide for Writing History Papers” can be used to complete this assignment or you may use the citation style customary to your discipline. Your paper must be typed, double spaced, with pages numbered including citations (see course readings for sources).

Organization of the Compare and Contrast Paper:


Introduce your subject here and define the terms folklore, traditional myth, and the urban legend. You want to also inform your reader about the two myths that will be studied in your paper: “Cinderella” and “Bloody Mary.”  You should also include here a thesis statement that attempts to answer the question: Do you believe that traditional myths and urban legends are essentially the same or not? (your answer to this question is your thesis statement).


Discuss the history and various forms of communication used to circulate these legends including oral, written, and cinematic variations of the legends. What is the relationship between myth and film? (What does Clover say about legends and film? How does the film Bloody Mary confirm or contradict Clover’s argument?). You can organize this part into two sections: 1) history, and 2) communication (film).

How are traditional myths and urban legends similar? How are they different?

What do these myths say about gender in human societies past and present?


D-Restate your thesis and final conclusions as to whether or not traditional myths

and contemporary legends are more similar or different.

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