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As part of its cost control program, Tracer Company

As part of its cost control program, Tracer Company uses a standard costing system for all manufactured items. The standard cost for each item is established at the be- ginning of the fiscal year, and the standards are not revised until the beginning of the next fiscal year. Changes in costs, caused during the year by changes in direct materials or direct labor inputs or by changes in the manufacturing process, are recognized as they occur by the inclusion of planned variances in Tracer’s monthly operating budgets.The following direct labor standard was established for one of Tracer’s products, effective June 1, 2007, the beginning of the fiscal year:Assembler A labor (5 hrs. @ $10)$ 50Assembler B labor (3 hrs. @ $11)33Machinist labor (2 hrs. @ $15)30Standard cost per 100 units$113The standard was based on the direct labor being performed by a team consisting of five persons with Assembler A skills, three persons with Assembler B skills, and two persons with machinist skills; this team represents the most efficient use of the company’s skilled employees. The standard also assumed that the quality of direct materials that had been used in prior years would be available for the coming year.For the first seven months of the fiscal year, actual manufacturing costs at Tracer have been within the standards established. However, the company has received a significant increase in orders, and there is an insufficient number of skilled workers to meet the increased production. Therefore, beginning in January, the production teams will consist of eight persons with Assembler A skills, one person with Assembler B skills, and one person with machinist skills. The reorganized teams will work more slowly than the normal teams, and as a result, only 80 units will be produced in the same time period in which 100 units would normally be produced. Faulty work has never been a cause for units to be rejected in the final inspection process, and it is not expected to be a cause for rejection with the reorganized teams.Furthermore, Tracer has been notified by its direct materials supplier that lower quality direct materials will be supplied beginning January 1. Normally, one unit of direct materials is required for each good unit produced, and no units are lost due to defective direct materials. Tracer estimates that 6 percent of the units manufactured after January 1 will be rejected in the final inspection process due to defective direct materials.Required:1. Determine the number of units of lower-quality direct materials that Tracer Company must enter into production in order to produce 47,000 good finished units.2. How many hours of each class of direct labor must be used to manufacture 47,000 good finished units?3. Determine the amount that should be included in Tracer’s January operating budget for the planned direct labor variance caused by the reorganization of the direct labor teams and the lower-quality direct materials.

Nashville State Community College COURSE FINANCE 9671048Shane’s Toys, Inc.

Shane’s Toys, Inc., just purchased a $344,000 machine to produce toy cars. The machine will be fully depreciated by the straight-line method over its four-year economic life. Each toy sells for $23. The variable cost per toy is $10, and the firm incurs fixed costs of $288,000 each year. The corporate tax rate for the company is 40 percent. The appropriate discount rate is 10 percent. What is the financial break-even point point for the project? (Do not round intermediate calculations and round your final answer to nearest whole number (e.g., 32).) Break-even pointunits

Lead time analysis Furry Friends Inc. manufactures toy

Lead time analysis Furry Friends Inc. manufactures toy stuffed animals. The direct labor time required to cut, sew, and stuff a toy is 10 minutes per unit. The company makes two types of stuffed toys”a lion and a bear. The lion is assembled in lot sizes of 60 units per batch, while the bear is assembled in lot sizes of 6 units per batch. Since each product has direct labor time of 10 minutes per unit, management has determined that the lead time for each product is 10 minutes. Is management correct? What are the lead times for each product? Lion minutes Bear minutes

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The following characteristics belong to job costing

1. The following characteristics belong to job costing?A. Costs are accumulated by the job, product or service is unique.B. Product or service is unique and mass production.—–This is WRONGC. Mass production and every product is the same.D. Mass production and costs are accumulated by job.2. Assigned overhead rate is calculated, using normal costing:A. The PDOR rate times estimated activity–This is wrongB. The PDOR rate times actual activityC. Accountants adding all receipts at end of the year.D. None of the above.

From the point that the specific metabolites are absorbed from the GI tract

From the point that the specific metabolites are absorbed from the GI tract, trace the path of the resulting metabolites to the following locations in the body for incorporation into the body structure:1(a)Water for incorporation into the synovial fluid of the hip joint.

A commercial bank recognizes that its net income suffers whenever interest rates

A commercial bank recognizes that its net income suffers whenever interest rates increase. Which of the following strategies would protect the bank against rising interest rates?a. Entering into an interest rate swap where the bank receives a fixed payment stream, and in return agrees to make payments that float with market interest rates.b. Purchase principal only (PO) strips that decline in value whenever interest rates rise.c. Enter into a short hedge where the bank agrees to sell interest rate futures.d. Sell some of the bank’s floating-rate loans and use the proceeds to make fixed-rate loans.e. Buying inverse floaters

Hello i need help for this case study answer on Juan valdez

Hello i need help for this case study answer on Juan valdez: Innovationin caffeination1.Why were emerging business models in the coffee industry so threatening to Colombia’s coffee sector and the Juan Valdez brand?2. How did the federation and the Juan Valdez brand adapt to a new era of competition in the coffee industry? Does the changed organization have the organizational capabilities to compete?3. Should Procafecol invest in new brewing, packaging and other technologies or remain firmly entrenched as a branding organization?4.Should Procafecol radically adapt its country selection strategy or should it stick to the plan that was slowed by the global recession?5. Would you close the flagship store or keep it open? What are the reasons for doing each? Do the FNC and Procafecol have different perspectives on this matter?

I am in need of some help with this please

 I am in need of some help with this please.HCA 340 Cultural Diversity in Health & IllnessCalifornia Coast University1. The nurse desires to become more culturally competent when providing care to patients from non-English- speaking cultures. Which action would the nurse take to achieve this self- expectation?a. Commit to a time-consuming journeyb. Find a seminar on cultural competencec. Talk to people from different cultures= (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)d. Attend a festival from a different culture3. A health care organization is planning continuing education for all staff on culturally and linguistically appropriate service delivery. Which category of culturally and linguistically appropriate services in health care will this action support?a. Fundamentals of culturally competent careb. Speaking of culturally competent carec. Structuring culturally competent care= (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)d. Manage the dynamics of difference4. The nurse is unable to locate an interpreter to support a patient from a non-English-speaking culture. The patient asks a family member to interpret for the staff. What would the nurse do to ensure culturally and linguistically appropriate services for this patient?a. Use sign language = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)b. Write the questions down for the patient to answer.c. Do nothing until an interpreter can be located.d. Use the family member as an interpreter until a non–family member can be located.6. In a non-English-speaking patient’s medical records, it is indicated that he has no family. However, a large group of people stating that they are the patient’s family have just arrived to the critical care unit. What impact does this miscommunication have on the patient’s care?a. Increase the costb. Poor decision makingc. Improve the outcomesd. Enhance therapeutic communication = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)8. The nurse determines that a patient is in the process of acculturation. What did the nurse assess in this patient?a. Americanization of the patient’s nameb. Engaging in activities with members of the family’s preferred social group = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)c. Speaking the family’s native languaged. Living away from the family of origin10. The nurse is planning care for an older patient. What will the nurse take into consideration to reduce generational conflict?a. Events that occurred when the patient was 10 years of ageb. Ethnocultural status of the nurse = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)c. Age of the nursed. All of the above11. A seminal event in the boomer generation that can still elicit comments today is the question:a. “Where were you when John F. Kennedy was shot?”b. “Do you remember Pearl Harbor?”c. “What were you doing on September 11, 2001?”d. “How did the Challenger tragedy affect you?” = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)12. The staff development instructor is planning a seminar that focuses on the variables leading to generational conflict. What will the instructor include in this content?a. Decade of birthb. Generation in the United States = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)c. Classd. All of the above.14. According to the 2010 Census, 40.3 million people are aged 65 and over. What are the long-term implications for the health of this group?a. Providing health care that is focused on gerontological needsb. Developing medications to prolong life at any costc. Providing health insurance for all age groups = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)d. Developing systems to provide health care only to those older citizens who remain healthy17. Legal permanent residents tend to initially settle in urban areas. What can be inferred from this?a. Employment may be found but will probably be in lesser-paying jobsb. Unemployment will not be a concernc. Employment is easy to obtain in urban areas = (NO THE CORRECT ANSWER)d. Income earning potential is higher18. The nurse desires employment in a metropolitan area with a high percentage of foreign-born legal residents. In which areas would the nurse consider employment?a. New York Cityb. Los Angeles = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)c. Miamid. All of the above.19. The nurse is trying to determine if a patient is a refugee. Which characteristics would the patient need to fulfill in order to be classified as a refugee?a. Person is outside the country of nationalityb. Person is unable to return to the country of nationality because of persecution = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)c. Person is unable to return to the country of nationality because of fear of persecutiond. All of the above.21. Besides being important public health issues and motivating people to action, what purpose do the Healthy People 2020 objectives serve?a. Measure the impact of prevention activitiesb. Provide monetary worth to the nationc. Replace other toolsd. Identify people needing secondary health services = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)22. Why would health care providers refer to Healthy People 2020 when providing patient care?a. It serves as a monitoring system that evaluates the health of all citizens.b. It supports health policies that provide monetary incentives to states who reach the benchmark goals.c. It provides a plan to continue to improve the health of everyone in the United States.d. It is mandated legislation that will result in a healthier population by 2020. = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)23. While reviewing the Healthy People 2020 document, the nurse identifies what as being the main objectives of the program?a. Ensuring that all Americans have one physical each yearb. Emphasize an ecological approach to disease prevention and health promotion.c. Ensuring that all Americans have health insurance = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)d. Eliminating childhood diseases25. What is the Healthy People 2020 goal for health disparities?a. Achieve health equity, eliminate disparities, and improve the health of all groups.b. Reduce health disparities among Americans. = (NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER)c. Eliminate health disparities among Americans.d. Recognize health disparities among el

Herzing ANATOMY sc 205 This week’s lessons took us on a tour of the Digestive

This week’s lessons took us on a tour of the Digestive System and helped us get familiar with central concepts in Nutrition. We know that many diseases have a nutritional / dietary component. We’ll use this week’s discussion to explore these conditions and the evolution of their treatment. 1. Select a disease with a significant nutritional component. How has the treatment of your selected disease changed in the modern medical office? Remember to be creative and look beyond just Obesity and Diabetes. 2. How can medical personnel assist patients who suffer from diseases with a nutritional component? 3. Consider the treatment protocols for diseases with nutritional components or complications. Would you try to treat the symptoms, disease processes, or nutritional components first? Explain your decision. At least one external source is required with information researched, summarized, and cited using APA format.