Herzing ANATOMY sc 205 This week’s lessons took us on a tour of the Digestive

This week’s lessons took us on a tour of the Digestive System and helped us get familiar with central concepts in Nutrition. We know that many diseases have a nutritional / dietary component. We’ll use this week’s discussion to explore these conditions and the evolution of their treatment. 1. Select a disease with a significant nutritional component. How has the treatment of your selected disease changed in the modern medical office? Remember to be creative and look beyond just Obesity and Diabetes. 2. How can medical personnel assist patients who suffer from diseases with a nutritional component? 3. Consider the treatment protocols for diseases with nutritional components or complications. Would you try to treat the symptoms, disease processes, or nutritional components first? Explain your decision. At least one external source is required with information researched, summarized, and cited using APA format.

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