1. Write a film review on one of the films screened in class weeks 1-4. The revi

1. Write a film review on one of the films screened in class weeks 1-4. The review must summarize the plot and main subjects of the film and draw on the assigned readings to offer a critical analysis. The lectures and textbook will provide a framework and general context, but you are expected to include some textual citations from the readings and specific references to segments/scenes from the film to substantiate the analysis. Relevant independent research on your part is encouraged, but not necessary.  The critical essays should demonstrate a close and thoughtful analysis of the text,
offering a reading that goes beyond the facts to take stock of the emotional content of the
events related, how the author fashions him or herself to the reader, as well as what the
text tells us about society and the social context of the account so it is very important that
you locate the source within the historical conditions of the moment it was produced.
Also do consider primary sources in terms of how the social category of the narrator
shaped their experience of events.
The essays must include a clear argument as well as ample precise textual
citations to substantiate it and incorporate some critical commentary on a film as well as
a primary source. They must also have proper citations and be carefully proofread.
Writing well is one of the trademark features of the historical profession, and this class is
an opportunity to develop and polish your essay writing skills. There are many useful
materials on the website of the History Department’s History Writing Center which offers
writing guidance to history students with appointments. Use The Putumayo Atrocities as a source.