“Ugliness” as Resistance and Reappropriations of “Girls” .

“Ugliness” as Resistance and Reappropriations of “Girls” .  Paper details Please read each question slowly and carefully before responding. Be sure that you have answered every question in all parts of the assignment. Part 1; Modern Musical Perspectives on“Girls” Depending on its context, the term “girl” can come across as empowering, demeaning, or as various meanings […]

Advising CCS and its shareholders

Part B Common Facts for Questions B.1, B.2 and B.3 AusCoal is a company incorporated in Queensland and specializes in coal exploitation and exportation. It supplies coal to customers across the Asia-Pacific region. SingTech is a company incorporated in Singapore and is famous for its special software to enhance the strength of steel which is […]

Dispute Resolution in Asia Assignment

Dispute Resolution in Asia Assignment with short answers -answer part A Part A Ozco is a Sydney-incorporated company that invests A$3m in 2018 to established a joint venture company in Bangkok (owned in equal shares with a private Thai company), ThaiJVco, to produce and distribute home medical testing kits primarily for Thai, Australian and Japanese […]

Demographics and Technology Chart.

Demographics and Technology Chart. Paper details Review the demographic and technological information about your company. If the information is not public, base your decisions on a similar company and research. This information will assist you as you complete your Organizational Presentation in Part 2 of this assessment. Create a 350- to 525- word outline that […]

The importance of audience

 The goal of this essay is to (1) drill home the importance of audience when writing persuasively (2) practice using argumentative appeals (3) explore a topic using research and (4) practice writing a proposal argument–maybe one of the more utilitarian types of arguments we can make. Assignment: For your next essay, you will be writing […]

Strategic recommendation

Strategic recommendation HR 5.  Paper details The Southwest Airlines HR director is pleased with the work you’ve completed for the organization and would like to take your contribution to the next level. In the first part of this assessment, you’ll review several strategic reports on the organization and provide feedback on how you think Southwest […]

Why does China still pose strategic challenges

(a) Why does China still pose strategic challenges on global governance even though Chinese power will not surpass U.S. power anytime soon? (b) Comparing the three periods of 1991–2000, 2001–2008, and 2009–2014, how has China’s foreign policy changed among these three periods of time?  Paper details If you advise the President of the United States, […]

ABC plc is an unlevered firm | My Assignment Tutor

18:23 1;1 111 as AFE7509 june_2021_courE Question 3 ABC plc is an unlevered firm with expected annual earnings before taxes of £35 million in perpetuity. The current required return on the firm’s equity is 20%. The firm distributes all of its earnings as dividends at the end of each year. There is a corporate tax […]

concepts regarding discrete random variables | My Assignment Tutor

I need units#1-4 ASAP Notes to help complete: Unit#4 Please refer to the following YouTube video for some basic concepts regarding discrete random variables: Binomial Distributions There are two ways for calculating Binomial probabilities: 1. Calculate manually using formula in section 4.2 of the text. 2. Use Excel’s binom.dist function to find the probabilities. […]

Web Development | My Assignment Tutor

Task 1 Write your own code to create following page using embedded CSS. Web Development (h1 header)Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). Web development can range from developing the simplest plain text to the […]

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