How will virtual reality impact K-12 education?

How will virtual reality impact K-12 education? 

Youtube/360 (Links to an external site.) – provides short videos VR videos designed for Google cardboard. Download the Youtube app to get started
Google Play (Links to an external site.) – Free Cardboard Apps
10 Free Google Cardboard apps you need to try (Links to an external site.)
iPhone Apps – VRSE (Links to an external site.), Insidious VR (Links to an external site.), Legendary VR (Links to an external site.)
Cross Platform Apps – search Google Play and iTunes for Jaunt, SkyDive

Now that you’ve experienced low-tech virtual reality using Google Cardboard, use the following discussion thread to provide a 10 sentence paragraph covering the following questions:

How was your overall experience?
What apps did you try?
Was the virtual reality environment fun, engaging or a waste of time?
How do you think virtual reality will impact K-12 education? Think specifically about your discipline.
Can you imagine developing your own virtual reality app or using a platform to engage your students in virtual reality?



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