Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs)

Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are written to provide recommendations that are intended to assist providers in making decisions for specific circumstances or disease conditions. CPGs are based on systematic reviews of the best available evidenced-based medicine research. Interpreting and learning to apply guidelines into practice is necessary to develop and enhance diagnostic reasoning skills.


Disease & Background: Identify the disease condition and give a brief statement of incidence and prevalence in the U.S. Discuss the pathophysiology of the disease and typical clinical presentation seen in patients with the condition.

Publication & Applicability in Primary Care: Identify the author, organization or group that developed the CPG along with the year of the original guideline publication. Discuss why the CPG is applicable in the primary care setting.

Key Action statements and Body of Evidence: Provide each of the CPG’s “Key Action” or “Guideline Statements” up to a maximum of 5 relevant recommendations. Identify the evidence strength for each recommendation. If the statement has applicability to other groups, only discuss the relevant primary care ones.

Application in your Clinical Rotation: Using an example of a patient from your clinical rotation with the same condition, discuss how the diagnosis and treatment of your patient compared to the recommendations given in the guidelines.

Preparing the presentation:
The presentation should be developed using the following guidelines:

All presentations must be in PowerPoint format and narrated using Kaltura.
Slides should be professional in appearance and easy to read.
The presentation should be no more than 15min.
The presentation should be shared with the class for viewing by posting a link in the Week 7 discussion board BEFORE Wednesday 11:59pm MT.
Attach the CPG article to the Week 7 discussion board by using the paperclip icon.
Submit a written transcript of your presentation (see definition above) to the Week 7 assignment box, before Wednesday 11:59 p.m. MT.
Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling should be observed in all slides.
A reference slide should be included as the final slide and APA format should be observed.




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