The integration of technology into health care


The integration of technology into health care has afforded many benefits, but also has created many challenges. Health information has bridged gaps in access, communication, and patient outcomes. Oppositely, health information has shifted health care delivery to be non-traditional, created challenges with security of information, and adoption. The advancement of technology is rapid and being implemented into the health care sector as soon as developments are approved. While forward advancement is advantageous, it is important that health care leaders continuously monitor complications to ensure they do not negatively impact patient care and out weight the benefits to health care delivery.
For this discussion:
1. Discuss how technology has influenced the evolution of the health care industry.
2. Describe three advantages (benefits) of technology in health care and three disadvantages (challenges) of health care technology.
3. As a leader of a health care organization, what are key some factors that should be considered when incorporating and implementing new technology into the facility?


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