Content analysis of a television or film program


Your task is to choose a current (e.g., in the last 12 months) television program or a film and conduct a content analysis that identifies the stereotypical portrayals used by the producers to condemn or endorse specific lifestyle choices.
• Choose one of the major characters in the movie or TV program you’ve selected.
• Describe their physical appearance; are they made to look attractive?
• What role does this person play in the story? Is it stereotypical? Are they effective in that role?
• What is this person’s job? Is it stereotypical? Are they successful in their job?
• Describe two or three specific actions taken by this person.
• What was the outcome of each action? Was it positive or negative?
• Do the actions/outcomes reinforce a stereotype?
• Is the stereotype positive or negative?
• How likeable and/or intelligent is this person?
• How desirable is this person’s lifestyle?
• What are ways to mitigate the stereotyping portrayal you identified in your content analysis?
Be sure your analysis is informed by social psychology theory and research.


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