Virtual Reality Meeting


You will meet with Zaria Blane, Vice President of Sales for Conglomerate Industries, Inc. Along with her will be Jack Ross, Director of Production, Tina Jones, Finance Manager of the firm. The second portion of the final exam gauges your ability to discuss your suggestions on repositioning the firm based on the data you were given in Part I of the final exam.

Any member of the panel may ask you a question, so be prepared to field questions from around the table. The meeting will be held in the company’s conference room. You are responsible for scheduling the meeting through the course instructor. The meeting will be from 5 to 10 minutes in length. So, keep your answers businesslike, on-point, and direct.

Be prepared to do the following:1. Discuss your calculated metrics for the company and the competitors named in the scenario provided in Part I of the exam.2. What metrics, in your opinion, are most important in the construction of a balanced scorecard designed for your repositioning assignment? Feel free, and it is encouraged to use business and marketing terms.3. What do you recommend to be the company’s overall strategy for the next 3 to 5 years?4. How do you feel the company can best reposition the brand based on your knowledge of marketing concepts and the data provided?5. What kind of social media campaign might you run to reach young men who currently use cologne? What might you suggest as the most appropriate platforms, and how would you measure the success of the campaign?

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