Sex Crime


For this PowerPoint Presentation, you will research a video (no longer that 15 minutes in length) on the topic of Sex Crime (Please remember that this area of Criminal Law can be extremely sensitive. Please use discretion and tact when selecting your video to present.)

As part of this Presentation, you should respond to these Discussion Questions:
1. Why did you pick the particular video presented in your PowerPoint ? What does this video teach us about the topic on Sex Crime?
2. Based on the video, give an example that involves any offense that qualifies as a Sex Crime. Be specific about your example: what are the facts of the case for your example. What offense was committed based on your facts and the elements from the Michigan Criminal Jury Instructions? What potential problems would law enforcement likely face when investigating such crimes?
3. Based on the video and the example given in Question #2, what should law enforcement do when investigating a sex crime such as your presentation discussed to help law enforcement with a case or investigation regarding such criminal acts? .

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