FINM4000FinanceTrimester 2, 2016Assessment 2 InstructionsAssessment 2 consists of 2 parts and is 30% of the unit grade.1. Assessment 2 is to be completed in groups, consisting of four members. Collaborating with the team members and managing this assignment as a project with specific learning outcomes will be beneficial.2. Group Written Assignment is 15% (Due Sunday, […]

removal process of sulfur dioxide

Flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) is the removal process of sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ) from flue gas emissions, often chemically. Sulfur dioxide in gases is produced by the combustion of fossil fuels and many industrial processes such as gasoline refining as well as cement, paper, glass, steel, iron and copper production. Sulfur dioxide emissions are a […]

NRSG367Assessment Task Overview Transitioning to professional

NRSG367 Assessment Task Overview Transitioning to professional practice is a critical phase for the novice Registered Nurse. Managing professional role requirements, organisational technologies and team dynamics while on shift can be challenging. This is often accompanied by changed personal circumstances, with graduates balancing shift work, working full time and socialisation with friends and family. The […]

[In Process] 69223 – NRSG375 Clinical LeadershipAssessment Task

NRSG375 Clinical Leadership Assessment Task 3: Written assignment (45%) Discuss and analyse in more detail 2 of the discussion posts that you submitted for assessment task (AT) 2 and use contemporary literature for support. For the 2 posts that you choose, you are to discuss and analyse professional leadership in nursing in further detail. Building […]

Income Model and Free Cash Flow Model

Task: Based on the same company chosen for the group and first individual assignment, produce an individual professional report on the prospective analysis of the company. Forecast the future financial performance of your company for the next five years and beyond. Use four valuation models, i.e. Dividend Discount Model, Residual Income Model, Residual Operating Income […]

Task 1: Financial institutions and the tax systemSanjay

Task 1: Financial institutions and the tax system Sanjay currently earns $95,000 per annum and his total income has exceeded $90,000 for the past two years. He has inherited $50,000 and wants to place the money on term deposit for 12 months. He’s asked you for advice on the range of financial institutions that offer […]

the assessment is based on the Sydney trend reportand

the assessment is based on the Sydney trend report and the data set for Sydney hotels. ASSESSMENT 2 BRIEF Subject Code and Title HFR603 Hotel Finance and Revenue Assessment Revenue Management Scenario Evaluation Individual/Group Individual Length 1,500 words (+/- 10%) Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include: […]

Social psychological principles

Consider the following scenario: Your little sister/brother comes to you asking your advice. S/he has fallen head-over-heels for an attractive 17-year-old singer in a band composed of teenagers that plays at high school dances. Using social psychological principles, help your sibling design a strategy to try to win the attention and affection of the beloved. […]

Five Ps of Entrepreneurial Behavior.

  Write a summary about your Five Ps of Entrepreneurial Behavior. Be sure to include the following: Describe what each of the Five P’s of Entrepreneurial Behavior means. Describe identified strengths and weaknesses Describe how you plan to improve upon the weaknesses. Textbook: Katz, J. and Green, R. (2018) Entrepreneurial Small Business. 5th: McGraw-Hill Irwin. […]

Computer network requirements.

  You are going to design a hypothetical network for one of the three people described below. Your design will be a list of all the specifications that this network will have. In addition, you will need to write up a document explaining why you have selected these specifications, features, and components for the person […]

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