What are the healthcare leaders day-to-day responsibilities within the organization?

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1. What are the healthcare leaders day-to-day responsibilities within the organization? Responsibilities include (Responsible for all endoscopy unit daily operations, schedule/coordinate endoscopy cases both outpatient and within hospital, ensure adequate staffing, ect)
2. What education and practice experiences have prepared the leader for their current role? (Leader is a Registered Nurse)
3. What type of organizational structure is present within the organization? For example, is it a hierarchical structure or a decentralized, shared governance structure? (SHARED GOVERNANCE)
4. What types of communication patterns or issues are present and affected by the current organizational structure?
5. How does the leader address conflict related to divergent opinions? Discuss differences in professional background and experience, race and ethnicity, and culture.
6. What type of leadership style does the healthcare leader have, and is that style impacted by the current organizational structure and function? (Transformational Leadership)

7. Develop two additional questions related to the healthcare leaders role and experiences within the organization. Consider question topics from the course such as improvements in the performance evaluation process, code of ethics training, implementation of shared governance, reduction of risk, development of tracer methodology, or any quality-improvement idea.

To summarize, follow this step-by-step guide for this assignment:
1. Conduct the interview
2. Complete your research.
3. Write the executive summary. The executive summary should be approximately two pages in length, single spaced, with citations (even though they are typically not included in an executive summary).
4. Write the reflection. The reflection should be on a separate page
5. Submit the deliverable


Executive summary
Reflection summarizing interview experience (submitted with the executive summary)


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