304SE Power Systems, Assignment, CU

Question 1

The energy storage systems have been in use for a long time. During earlier periods, energy storage systems were mainly used to meet the energy demand during peak load and to meet the operational needs of the power systems. The energy storage systems gained more importance due to the integration of renewable energy sources such as solar PV systems and wind turbine generators with the utility grid.

You are required to write a short paper on “Energy Storage Systems”. You are encouraged to use the following sectional headings in your report:
1. Introduction
Provide a brief description of the development of various types of energy storage systems.
2. Renewable energy sources and the need for energy storage systems
Provide a brief description of the need for energy storage system created as a result of integration of renewable energy sources with power grids.
3. Utility grade energy storage systems.
Describe the types of large scale energy storage systems suitable for power grid applications. Describe, with suitable block diagrams , the different ways of integrating the utility grade energy storage systems with
the grid and how they are operated.
4. Future of energy storage systems Write about your assessment of the future of energy storage systems and
their environmental impact.
5. Conclusions and recommendations.
Draw conclusions from these studies and state your recommendations for any improvements. You can obtain and review information from authoritative and reliable web sites such as IEEE, IET, IRENA, International Energy Agency, and electricity authorities of various countries.

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Question 2

A four-bus power system is shown in Figure 2. Bus-1 is slack bus. Bus -4 is a PV bus, and the other two buses are PQ buses. The initial voltages of the slack and PV buses are as shown in the figure. The data for the buses are given in the table-1 below. The values of the real and reactive power shown in the table are on a base of 100 MVA.

The line impedances given in the table-2 are on a common base. Assume the initial value of the angle at the PV bus to be zero (0) and the voltages at buses 2 and 3 to be 1.0∟0°.

Table-1 Base MVA=100




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