4th order 40 multiple choice questions Due June 12 · Covers the Textbook materia

4th order
40 multiple choice questions
Due June 12
· Covers the Textbook material from Modules 3 — 5: Weeks 3 — 5.
· Contains 40 multiple-choice and true/false questions.
· According to Forsyth, negotiation, collaboration, inspiration, and instruction are all examples of
Group of answer choices
compliance tactics.
obedience bases.
power tactics.
reward bases.
Flag question: Question 2
Question 22 pts
The following are recommended ways of drawing out, EXCEPT
Group of answer choices
Saying two or three members’ names at once
Being very directive with a quiet member
Asking members to share something that they have just written
Shifting gaze around the circle after briefly pausing on one member
Flag question: Question 3
Question 32 pts
Which is true?
Group of answer choices
Discussion to consensus is the best method to use to solve routine problems.
Voting takes longer than discussion to consensus.
Unanimous decisions generally have a negative effect on long-term performance.
Consensus is generally preferred when the group is grappling with sensitive issues.
Flag question: Question 4
Question 42 pts
In which of the following situations would it be appropriate for the leader to use the technique of cutting off?
Group of answer choices
When a member is sharing information that could benefit other members
When a member’s comments align with the purpose of the group
When the leader would like to shift the group’s focus
When members are having a constructive discussion on the given topic
Flag question: Question 5
Question 52 pts
Group polarization is the
Group of answer choices
tendency for the group’s decisions to be more extreme than individuals’ decisions.
tendency for individuals to become less productive as group size increases.
enhancement of individual performance when working with others on a project.
best strategy to reduce the risk of groupthink.
Flag question: Question 6
Question 62 pts
Forsyth suggests that social loafing can be avoided if
Group of answer choices
group members are reminded to “give their all.”
individuals’ contributions to the group product are identifiable.
group members are trained to better coordinate their combined efforts.
the leader is strong.
Flag question: Question 7
Question 72 pts
According to Forsyth, teams are
Group of answer choices
highly unstructured with fluid roles and flexible norms.
noteworthy in that members are pursuing personal goals rather than collective ones.
internally competitive, as one person’s success means someone else in the team will fail.
made up of members who pursue performance goals through interdependent interaction.
Flag question: Question 8
Question 82 pts
The cohesiveness of a team is indicated by the following, EXCEPT:
Group of answer choices
Unity in pursuit of completing tasks
Socially and emotionally close members
Low external pressure
Members who identify with the team
Flag question: Question 9
Question 92 pts
The tendency for individuals to become less productive as group size increases is known as
Group of answer choices
input-output losses.
social compensation.
the Ringelmann effect.
Flag question: Question 10
Question 102 pts
All of the following are true with regard to dyads EXCEPT
Group of answer choices
Members may be more comfortable sharing in a dyad than with the entire group
Dyads can provide the leader with time to think
Dyads can be used to warm a group up and add energy
At least 20 minutes should be devoted to a dyad activity to make sure both have time to talk
Flag question: Question 11
Question 112 pts
According to Jacobs et al., silence from a member may indicate all of the following EXCEPT that the member
Group of answer choices
needs more time than others to think about what was just said.
is more comfortable listening than speaking.
has great trust in the other group members.
has a lot of things going on outside of group weighing on his/her mind.
Flag question: Question 12
Question 122 pts
Jacobs et al. do NOT advise shifting the focus
Group of answer choices
from an activity to an activity.
from a topic to an activity.
from a person to a topic.
from a person to another person.
Flag question: Question 13
Question 132 pts
When setting up a round, the leader needs to do each of the following EXCEPT
Group of answer choices
make sure negative members are skipped.
treat it like any other activity and use it carefully.
specify the kind of round members are responding do.
introduce it so that members understand the activity.
Flag question: Question 14
Question 142 pts
Near the end of a session, a member wants to share something deep and personal. The leader should
Group of answer choices
poll other members for their thoughts before deciding what to do.
draw the member out and allow him or her to share for as long as needed.
quickly cut the member off and ask them to share at the beginning of the next session.
dismiss the rest of the group and stay with him or her for as long as needed.
Flag question: Question 15
Question 152 pts
An inspirational approach to leading others that involves elevating followers’ motivation, confidence, and satisfaction is____________ leadership.
Group of answer choices
Flag question: Question 16
Question 162 pts
Which is FALSE according to Forsyth?
Group of answer choices
Those with power tend to respond more compassionately to others’ problems.
Individuals with power seek out rewards and tend to notice when they are available.
Power can be primed by subtle situational cues.
Powerful individuals tend to be proactive, rather than reactive.
Flag question: Question 17
Question 172 pts
According to Forsyth, leadership is best defined as
Group of answer choices
power over people.
an innate skill in taking charge.
knowing how to work well with people.
guidance of others in their pursuits.
Flag question: Question 18
Question 182 pts
Which of the following is true regarding dyads? The leader should
Group of answer choices
make sure members stay on task.
never participate with members.
let people talk as much as they want to without a time limit.
never pair members who have similar views.
Flag question: Question 19
Question 192 pts
The phrase “romance of teams” means:
Group of answer choices
The use of teams is confirmed by scientific evidence.
Teams tend to trigger the development of romantic relationships among members.
Teams are thought to be effective and desirable, but their effectiveness may be overestimated.
Teams are impractical, but they are enjoyable.
Flag question: Question 20
Question 202 pts
When determining whether to hold the group’s focus on a topic, group leaders should NOT consider
Group of answer choices
the relevancy of the topic
members’ level of interest in the topic
the length of time that has been spent on the topic
whether all exercises planned for the session are completed
Flag question: Question 21
Question 212 pts
In group counseling, to _____________ is to restate a comment made by a member, conveying that you understand the content and feeling the member is trying to express.
Group of answer choices
draw out

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40 multiple choice questions
Due June 12
· Covers the Textbook materia
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