~ A minimum of 2000 words, not including the Works Cited page. A title page is n

~ A minimum of 2000 words, not including the Works Cited page. A title page is not needed in MLA format, but you do need a title. Don’t just say “Research Paper”.
~A minimum of 4 sources is required. 2 must be peer-reviewed/academic. General references like Wikipedia, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc will not be counted. Sources must be within the last 10 years.
~Required steps toward the completion of the paper must be submitted on time and will contribute to the final grade of the paper.  This includes turning in an Annotated Bibliography and a rough draft in a few weeks.
~Final exam will be a presentation of the visual analysis paper or the research paper. Details to be discussed later. 
~Refer to the list of restricted topics to stay away from when picking your paper.
~ Here is the list of topics to stay away from with your research paper: Anything related to social media, smoking tobacco/ marijuana, raising/lowering the driving age and/or drinking age, the death penalty, euthanasia, violence in video games/if it’s considered a sport, animal rights/cruelty, global warming/greenhouse effect/fossil fuels, raising/lowering the voting age, technology/cellphones, drug usage, steroids, mental health, nothing related to cars/vehicles, nothing about relationships/marriage, capital punishment, childhood/adult obesity, bullying (traditional/cyber), abortion/pro-choice/pro-life, gun control, young kids using electronics, college athletes/paying them, school tuition, fashion, school uniforms, evolution, healthcare, pollution, anything related to professional/college sports, abuse of any kind (child, spousal, drug, elderly, alcohol, bitcoins/cryptocurrency, AI, religion, politics