A short term goal for me is to do hair. I tend to do me and my sister’s hair whe

A short term goal for me is to do hair. I tend to do me and my sister’s hair when needed. I’ve been braiding hair since I was a child, over the years I’ve gotten really good at it. I want to share my talent with customers and put a smile on their faces. My goal is for people to recommend me and speak of my work. I feel I can achieve this goal in a short period of time if I push myself to be better than I already am at it.
A long term goal for me is to find my dream job/career. I will continue to be an active student at PGHS, participating in extracurricular activities with the goal of obtaining a scholarship to college, either academic or another type. I also plan to be a positive role model and showcase pride and discipline in everything that I do. I want to encourage others to find their passion and have the best experience possible while in school.
Where Do I See Myself In 10 Years?
In 10 years I will be a 25 year old successful business owner in Atlanta, Ga. My business will consist of custom made clothing for higher end customers . I plan to own my own business location and be a homeowner. I also plan to be a motivational speaker to tell others of how I became successful and the steps they need to take.
After the successful launch of my first business I plan to grow my brand by expanding to other locations. I would also like to start a non profit business to help guide others through the process of starting a business and also offer financial advice.
My Life’s Philosophy
My philosophy of life is Tomorrow is not promised to anyone so live your life as if you only have today. I truly believe that you should not wait to do anything you want to do. Whether it’s attending a college,  jumping out of a plane, or visiting another country, do not hesitate to do it because life changes within a snap of a finger. Sometimes people say “I’ll wait until next year to do something” but who knows what is to come tomorrow. So I choose to do as much as I possibly can today. 
I believe that we should live each day happy and enjoy each moment of the day. We should not live our lives to impress someone but instead live our lives for us. We should not let setbacks or failures stop us from moving on forward with life but we can use them to motivate us to keep going.
The Information I gained from the lesson were ways that could improve your self-efficiency. The lesson also taught that professional development requires you to keep record of records and credentials for training that you’ve undergone. It also teaches how to properly set up if your job were to ever have a virtual meeting. Professionalism was a topic that was also talked about during this lesson. It means dressing appropriately, having a positive attitude and treating others the way you’d want to be treated and showing people that you are one to be taken seriously. Watching what you say, do or how you act is important, this is called Workplace Conduct. The internet is commonly known by many, you have to be careful with what you post on social media. It could cost you your job, job interview, etc. Ownership is also something companies look for in employees, an employer would expect you to have something done without them having to remind you of such a thing.