Accounting info system Report, NTU, Singapore: Client sourcing and inquiry ACEPL’s clients are mainly property developers, main contractors

Make a flowchart based on these processes:

2.1.1 Client sourcing and inquiry ACEPL’s clients are mainly property developers, main contractors for Design and Build (D&B) projects and retail clients who are tenants, and owners of companies or organisations. They secure their project clients either via bidding or recommendations by other disciplines such as architects, quantity surveyors, civil and structural consultants, whom they work closely with. New clients approach the company via their administrative email found on their company’s website.

The admin clerk will then forward the inquiry email to the directors for further consideration. Other ways of sourcing for clients are through the GeBIZ portal and networking. The accounts manager seeks for potential public tenders via GeBIZ portal daily and consolidates the details of the potential public tenders and email them to the directors for further consideration. The directors also search for potential clients in the course of their daily work through networking with existing and potential clients and contractors.

2.1.2 Credit Review A credit review checklist is completed by the directors for new and existing major projects. The default credit term for all clients is 30 days, with no exceptions. The credit review is more stringent for new clients, where the directors conduct additional credit checks on the client’s financial credibility via credit check portals and existing market knowledge and sentiment. The creditworthiness of existing clients are also based on their past relationships with the company. The credit review process is done consistently throughout the progress of the project to minimize the risk of non-payment. If the above checks are in order, the directors approve the client and notify the accounts manager to proceed with the bidding of the project.

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2.1.3 Proposal Preparation Firstly, when a new Potential Project (PP) enquiries come to ACEPL’s attention via phone call, emails and online postings, they will create PP number and project enquiry document to ensure that all enquiries will be processed thoroughly. Secondly, ACEPL will then prepare fee proposals or bidding documents. The items include EOI or tender form, staff or QP CV, past financial data, company and QP’s past project data and the current project status. Thirdly, ACEPL will submit the proposal or the bidding documents to their clients. The general protocol following a bid submission is tender interview, post tender clarification, revised tender submission before a project is awarded to the successful tenderer. The bidding process may span from a few days to about three to six months. If the negotiation is unsuccessful, they will close the potential project enquiry. If the negotiation is successful, there will be an announcement of award, also known as a letter of appointment (LOA), to the successful tenderer via email.

2.2 Sales Process (Project commission and service agreement) The accounts manager will convert the PP client into a new secured project number (SP) and a new project will be announced to the management, project team members and related departments. Usually, the clients will proceed with sending us their Purchase Order (PO) or signing of service agreement for the specific projects. Some clients will sign the fee proposal as Confirmation of appointment of our services for small-scale projects. As ACEPL mostly practices electronic filling, all legal documents, such as the PO and service agreement, will be uploaded to Deltek as an e-copy.

However, for the clients who have signed hard copy agreements with the business, these agreements are filed and stored in a confidential archive. The human resource department will update the CVs (for newcomers only), followed by proceeding with RTO employment and documentation where applicable. The accounts department will compile the original letters of offer, and service agreements, set up the payment terms and schedule and bill progressively. The admin department will set up the project filing and email, update the CVs of existing staff and update the track record file accordingly. The project department will set up PQP and the drafting department will allocate resources and drawings’ folders.

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