ACCT6005 Company accounting

ACCT6005 Company accounting Assessment 3 Part B: video and script
Video Presentation and script (8 minutes +/- 10%) (60 marks)
Technical accuracy of your presentation = 50 marks
Presentation skills (Refer marking Rubric on Blackboard) = 10 marks
Assignment instructions:
1. Prepare a video presentation to answer the questions in this assignment. Upload your
file on Blackboard by reading the instructions contained in the following link:
2. Prepare and upload your script for your presentation as a PDF file.
3. You will be assessed on your technical understanding of each question and also your
presentation skills. Please refer to the marking rubric. You may use visual aids to support your
presentation, however you must be seen at all times in front of the camera. Marks will not be
awarded if you read directly from your notes. Please introduce yourself and the purpose of
your presentation. Speak slowly and clearly to address each issue in the case study.
Headphones are strictly prohibited and will attract a zero grade.
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Question 1 (10 marks) (Suggested time approx: 1 minute)
Discuss each step you have taken to prepare the acquisition analysis. Include all relevant
account names, amounts and explanation of calculations.
Question 2 (5 marks) (Suggested time approx: 1 minute)
Discuss the accounting adjustments required to account for the fair value adjustment of
inventories at acquisition date.
Question 3 (5 marks) (Suggested time approx: 1 minute)
At acquisition date, Billy Ltd recorded a Dividend payable for $8,000. Discuss how you have
treated this item in the acquisition analysis and the worksheet. Provide an explanation as to
your actions.
Question 4 (10 marks) (Suggested time: 2 minutes)
Discuss the accounting processes, calculations and consolidation entries you have made for the
Machine and all the related accounts.
Question 5 (10 marks) (Suggested time approx: 1 minute)
Explain the purpose of the ‘Transfer from BCVR’ account and all consolidation entries
which you have posted to this account.
Question 6 (10 marks) (Suggested time approx: 2 minute)
Joel Ltd provided Billy Ltd with a loan for $326,000 on 31 December 2019. Explain the
accounting processes, calculations and consolidation entries you have provided to
account for the loan and interest.


ACCT6005 Company accounting
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