*ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED WITH 250-600 WORDS EACH* *All questions must ref

*All questions must refer back to information and details relating to the Practice Supervision Framework and Model Review at BaptistCare NSW* 
*Using the Literature Review and Findings (from survey and interview-based questions data) make connections and add them clearly within the response of each question* 
*Refer back constantly to the Themes and Subthemes outlined in the Thematic Mind Map aswell* 
1. What are the benefits and outcomes of effective supervision?
2. Explain practice supervision relationship between supervisor and supervisee. Also explain what are 6 components to assist and help with good practice supervision relationships. 
3. Outline common challenges for the supervisors and for supervisees in practice supervision. 
4.What are the important aspects of practice supervision? 
5. What are the barriers and enablers of practice supervision? (Explain these themes: Knowledge, Communication, Relationships and Accessibility – refer to subthemes in thematic mindmap aswell) Each theme and subthemes must be explained 
6. What are the benefits and disadvantages of internal vs external practice supervision? 
7. What is the difficulty in achieving protected time during practice supervision? 
8. Explain models and frameworks of practice supervision that can help and assist improvements to the current practice supervision framework at BaptistCare.
9. How can practice supervision be improved to mitigate levels of burnout and vicarious trauma? Also refer to secondary trauma stress and compassion fatigue. Outline the differences and meanings of each one. 
10.What are other recommendations to address successful and good practice supervision? 
11. How can we address potential market expansion and revenue for the practice supervision framework once improved to other organisations with similar based foundations and goals