America’s Involvement in World War II and its Impact on Society and Foreign Policy

The discussion questions listed below are directly related to Module Learning Objectives (MLOs) for this Module and to Course Learning Objectives (CLOs). Discussion Question Response posts must develop an argument that answers the questions posed, relate it to the course material [lecture materials, primary sources and textbook readings] as evidence, engage with your peers’ answer and reasoning, and meet the expectations for spelling, grammar, length, and citations.
All citations in history use Turabian Manual of StyleLinks to an external site., the Chicago citation quick guide for student research papers. The Author-Date citations are sufficient for discussion questions. Please be sure to use the Discussion Board Rubric as you craft your responses to the questions and to your two (2) classmates. This rubric
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provided as you answer the question and respond to your classmates; it will be used to grade your responses. Be sure to include proper citations to the materials, especially your textbook readings and the lecture PowerPoints, and other resources posted here that you may use. Your posts should meet minimal word counts (250-300 words to answer your question and 150-200 words to respond to your classmates). Textbook: Foner, DuVal, & McGirr, Give Me Liberty!, 7e, chs. 22-23, pp. 857-899 & 902-936
PowerPoints: World War II through Post War America
Discussion Questions:
What factors after 1939 led to U.S. involvement in World War II?
How did government, business, and labor work together to promote wartime production, and how did the war affect each group?
How did a war fought to bring “essential human freedoms” to the world fail to protect the home-front liberties of Blacks, Indians, Japanese Americans and Mexican Americans?
Describe how the Bretton Woods conference in 1944 created the framework for postwar U.S. economic and foreign policy.

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