Analyse your chosen company’s readiness for internationalisation: E-Business Assignment, NUS

Choose a local company listed in the Singapore Stock exchange or local MNC and formulate an internationalisation strategy for the chosen firm. All other requirement remains the same.

Project 1: Analyse your chosen company’s readiness for internationalisation
This requires you to analyse the company, industry, and the home country’s macro level data. The company’s annual report and website, share market, FAME, MINTEL, STATISTA, GMID passport, CIA.Gov and ONS could be a good source of data for the analysis. The resource-based view (VRIO framework) (Barney, 2001) should provide the theoretical underpinning for this project.

Introduction to the chosen company
Analysis of the microenvironment (Its vision, objective, scope, scale.) innovation/R&D/market/international orientation, assets, supply chain need to be measured here)
Analysis of the industry (Macro-analysis, e.g. PESTLE, 5 Forces, their impact on the company, and the Industry Life Cycle needs to be analysed here.)
Identify the company’s strategic positioning within the industry (Bowman’s strategy clock)
Analyse the product/service portfolio offered by the company (BCG matrix)
Establish the target segment served by the company in its home and host (if it is already present in the international market; if not only conduct the home country analysis) (Market segmentation theory)
Recommend for internationalisation (Proportion of its revenue/subscription generated from the international market is a good measure for international involvement. The outcome of project 1 will determine if the company is ready yet to go international.)

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Project 2: Destination search and market selection

You need to take three possible countries where the company is not currently present to start the primary selection process. You will finally select the most suitable country from the initial selection based on the company’s current position and market attractiveness. Conduct the following tasks to identify the most attractive international destination for your chosen company. You will need to write 1000 words for this project. Doing business, Worldwide governance indicator (WGI), UN COMTRADE, CIA.GOV and World Bank Data bank will be good data sources. The institution-based view (Peng et al., 2009) should provide the theoretical underpinning for this project.

Institutional quality analysis (economic openness, political and regulatory attitude towards foreign businesses, financial connection and integrity, corporate tax, immigration policy, repatriation need to be analysed)

Institutional homogeneity and heterogeneity analysis (Worldwide governance indicator is a good source of data)
Liability of foreignness analysis
Production factor accessibility analysis (capital, technology and labour availability and mobility)
Analysis of the market potential
Market accessibility (Ease of doing business)
Target segment identification and sales potential analysis
Analysis of the competition from domestic and other MNCs
Selection of the market with the highest potential and best accessibility
Application of Porter’s National Diamond framework to assess patterns of comparative advantage among possible destinations.

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