Argumentative essay citing evidence supporting your determination

OpenTable was the first mover in the world of booking orders for restaurants around the globe After obtaining notoriety, they issued a massive IPO and resulting in a stock price peaking slightly over $100/share. After peaking, the company was by Priceline for $2.6 billion However, the investment faced turmoil as lawsuits and a $941 million write-down devalued the acquisition and

The devaluation triggered a reconsideration of OpenTable’s role in the market. OpenTable matured and no longer had a blue ocean strategy ( to rely on. Therefore, Priceline retooled and rolled back OpenTable’s operations while entering the emerging ultra-competitive food delivery service market involving Doordash and other competitors. However, no one is certain whether OpenTable has a future and history has yet to judge whether Priceline’s investment was a sound or poor investment.

Now, it is time for you to write history!

Goal. Your goal is to determine and argue whether OpenTable was a sound acquisition for Priceline using the concepts from this and other courses. Jumpstart your research at:

and Chapter 9, Case Study 9.9 in the textbook. Also, follow with internet-based research to collect the evidence you need to determine whether the merger was a sound acquisition. Moreover, you must integrate at least three concepts, from this course, into your argument.

The resulting paper must be a 5 page with 5 peer-reviewed articles APA-formatted essay argumentative essay citing evidence supporting your determination. Remember, you have a helpful resource at to help with planning and drafting your essay. You may also wish to consult for advice on researching and organizing findings.

Note: The reference page is not included in the 5 pages