argumentative essay with thesis -The ongoing homeless issue in our valley needs

argumentative essay with thesis -The ongoing homeless issue in our valley needs some long-term solutions that will require an agreement and will require all of us to recognize the lack of support systems
that contribute to this ongoing crisis.
1.The homeless people have nowhere to go
-they have been run out of the city parks
-the camp they were allowed to stay at was closed down​
2.The ongoing homeless issue in the LC Valley has yet to find a solution.
-need to come to an agreement with city and community
-need a location
-need funding
3.Finding a long-term solution is what’s needed to help resolve the homeless issue
-need a permanent location
-need to build a permanent shelter
4.Need to recognize the need for resources because there are none to help the homeless get back on their feet.
-need more mental health help
-need more treatment centers
-more accessible resources to find employment
with outline listed at the end of essay after sources and citations
As you write, remember that you are moving away from a personal reflection on the issue to an academic essay based on a relevant local issue in your community. Therefore, this draft needs to be written in the third person, i.e. you should not state that “I believe…” but rather that “Research supports…”
Follow these steps to complete your Assessment:
Review your completed Assessment from Competency EC1002: Developing Coherent Sentences and Paragraphs. Review your Written Response Template from EC1003: Developing a Thesis and Outline.
Use your Outline as a guide to draft a 3- to 4-page Argumentative Essay that does the following:
Describes the social challenge in your local community that you’ve selected.
Identifies your position on the challenge and your proposal for improvement.
Presents at least two arguments for why this proposal should be followed.
Supports those arguments with information from a scholarly article.
Concludes with a call to action.
Copy and paste the Outline you created in your EC1003 Developing a Thesis and Outline Template document, so your faculty assessor can refer to it as they review your Argumentative Essay rough draft.
Format your Argumentative Essay rough draft, according to APA guidelines. There are two options below to help with this:
Click the link below to view the video entitled APA Essay Format (7th):
To complete this Written Response Assessment, you will submit a full rough draft for an argumentative essay that presents your opinion or proposal – Here, you should present the topic (problem/ controversy) and your stance.
The introduction is where you introduce the topic at hand, provide necessary background information, and end with your thesis statement. Since this essay is fairly short, your introduction should be no more than one paragraph in length. Please revise. This is your chance to find a creative way to introduce this topic and draw in your reader’s interest. Perhaps you can create an intriguing character in a very short story, one that explains how this ban affects us all. Remember, your reader will be very well-versed in your topic. They simply have a different stance on your thesis.
The supporting arguments for your proposal (Three paragraph minimum)- Use the resources you researched to prove your point and debate counter arguments.
Make sure you present opposing views to your argument: Arguments supporting the thesis statement acknowledge opposing positions and provide arguments and research specifically to address these opposing positions.Support those arguments with information from scholarly sources.
You need to include and cite outside evidence to support your point of view. I would suggest three to five different resources, such as statistics, quotes, or projects.
And a concluding paragraph that summarizes your argument and calls your audience to action.
You should have five paragraphs minimum.
What happened?
scholarly article referenced to and
citations and sources