As an aspiring entrepreneur, develop an idea on either a product or service. Bas

As an aspiring entrepreneur, develop an idea on either a product or service. Based on your
knowledge acquired in this course so far, demonstrate how you will turn this idea into a major
blockbuster business success. You must highlight the costs, revenue, and profit projections
associated with this business venture. Discuss the need for this product or service.
Demonstrate why you think you stand a better chance of beating the odds of failure. What
would be your major sources of financing for this venture? Has there been any substitute
product or service? If so, why did it fail? Investigate all the parameters that would guarantee
your business viability in the industry. Does location matter in this venture? Who would be your
target market and why? Discuss what you hope to accomplish via the entrepreneurial venture
that would leave a legacy behind if anything. How do you intend or plan to beat the
competition? How would you describe your distinct entrepreneurial makeup or category? Are
you a Classic, Serial, or Social entrepreneur? Justify your category by highlighting distinct
features or characteristics associated with your entrepreneurial category…be very objective the
best you can.
Among the millions of entrepreneurs who are alive or passed, who is your favorite and
why?….keep this particular segment to one page, but the entire write-up paper should be
between 5 and seven pages excluding cover and works cited pages.
Please note that the topic proposal must be in the form of a clear statement or Question stating
exactly the problem for research or the question to be answered. Focus on a problem that is
manageable and one that you can handle with ease