Assess key stakeholders roles, impact, and influence on strategic planning.

Assess key stakeholders? roles, impact, and influence on strategic planning.

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After reviewing the new proposed vision from Healthy Dynamics that includes updated mission, focus area, and objectives, the CEO has decided to contract a project manager. The project manager understands the importance of identifying stakeholders early in the strategic planning process. The project manager will be responsible for the successful start of the planning strategy, implementation, review, control, and evaluation of the strategic plan. Other tasks include: gathering feedback from stakeholders, identifying areas of improvement, and making recommendations.

The project manager has asked you to provide a strategy map, identifying key stakeholders involved in achieving the objectives of the defined focus area. Some of the major stakeholders in the healthcare industry are physicians, employers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, government agencies, and consumers (e.g., patients and employees). You will also need to make a list of relevant questions to solicit feedback from the stakeholders that will allow you to see where stakeholders stand when evaluated by the same key measures (survey questions).

Design a Strategy Map (data table) using Microsoft Word that includes:

Identifying the key stakeholders.
Describe how you will ensure that the key stakeholders represent a culturally diverse mix of individuals.
Explain how you will ensure that you use a fair, respectful, and equitable selection process for identifying stakeholders.
What business or health industry does the stakeholder represent (e.g., wellness, pharmacy, health plans, non-profit, academia, etc.)?
What are the stakeholders? roles and responsibilities as it relates to the strategic plan?
Indicate how often you will meet with the stakeholders.
What type of power (e.g., financial, providers, users, influencers) will the stakeholder have in the success of the strategic plan?
Include a timeline to show when you will engage each stakeholder.
Create a Stakeholder Survey that includes:
Key questions to solicit feedback from stakeholders after your first meeting (both quantitative and qualitative) to identify potential solutions to anticipated issues that may be raised by the stakeholders?
Questions should be aimed at how to improve the effectiveness of the stakeholder meetings and the satisfaction of the stakeholders during the planning process?
Your assignment should include a title page, a reference page, and a minimum of three scholarly sources, two of which must be retrieved from the Rasmussen Library.
For information about creating a Data Table, please visit this Rasmussen College Answers page.
For information about putting a data table into a paper in APA Style, please visit this Rasmussen College Answers page.

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