Assessment Title: Innovation, what will the Work look like at the end of the cen

Assessment Title: Innovation, what will the Work look like at the end of the century?
Due Date: Week 11 & 12, Sunday by 6 pm.
Assessment Objective: Students are expected to compose an essay predicting the world’s future over the next
80 years, emphasising the most crucial global issues. Evaluate and articulate the potential impacts of these
challenges. Additionally, it explores how innovation can play a pivotal role in addressing and mitigating these
issues. Assessment criteria include the research depth, arguments clarity, and effectiveness in communicating
Executive summary
This is a synopsis of the overall eco-friendly environmental plan outlining the major content areas and
recommendations covered in the plan. Be sure to mention the existing organisation’s name.
Table of Contents with page numbers
1. Introduction:
• Briefly introduce the theme of the essay and its significance.
• Provide an overview of the timeframe (next 80 years) and the importance of
anticipating global challenges.
2. Global Issues Overview:
• Identify and discuss the most significant global issues expected to shape the world
in the next 80 years.
• Highlight the interconnected nature of these challenges and their potential impacts
on societies, economies, and the environment.
3. In-depth Analysis of Each Global Issue:
• Dedicate individual sections to delve deeper into each identified global issue.
• Explore the root causes, current status, and anticipated developments over the next
80 years.
• Incorporate relevant data, statistics, and expert opinions to support your analysis.
4. The Role of Innovation:
• Introduce the concept of innovation as a crucial factor in addressing global
• Discuss various forms of innovation, such as technological, social, or policy-driven,
that could contribute to solutions.
• Provide specific examples or case studies to illustrate how innovation has or could
be applied in the future.
5. The Intersection of Global Issues and Innovation:
• Analyse how innovation can intersect with and address multiple global issues
• Highlight potential synergies and collaborative approaches involving innovation to
create comprehensive solutions.
6. Challenges and Considerations:
• Acknowledge potential challenges, limitations, or ethical considerations associated
with relying on innovation to address global issues.
• Discuss any potential unintended consequences or risks associated with innovative
7. Future Scenarios:
• Present speculative scenarios or visions of the world’s future if innovative solutions
successfully address the identified global issues.
• Consider both optimistic and pessimistic outcomes to provide a balanced
8. Conclusion:
• Summarise the key points discussed in the essay.
• Reiterate the importance of innovation in shaping a more sustainable and resilient
• Encourage further reflection on the dynamic relationship between global challenges
and innovation.
9. References:
• Include a comprehensive list of references and citations to support your claims and
provide credibility to your analysis.
Remember to adapt this structure based on the specific requirements of your assignment and the
depth of analysis you aim to achieve.
Include at least 5 peer-reviewed academic references with corresponding full references in your List of
Referencing Style: American Psychological Association (APA)