Assignment 2 Guide In your assignment you need to : discuss and methodically exa

Assignment 2 Guide
In your assignment you need to :
discuss and methodically examine how technology is used in sport and exercise performance.
You  need to focus on the close relationships between performance development needed and the type of technology used to achieve this.  In doing this consider the significance of the impact the technology has on the development of sports performance. 
Your work should include a range of examples from different sport and exercise activities, which help you demonstrate and assess the close relationships between the use of technology for data collection, analysing performance and simulating conditions.
It is essential that you demonstrate a clear understanding of how sport and exercise performers can use these technologies to improve their own sport or exercise  performance, aiming to examine how this happens  through appropriate examples of technology for each purpose (data collection, performance analysis, simulated conditions). 
You should come to conclusions, based on your examination, of the strengths and weaknesses, or advantages and disadvantages, of using technology to collect data, analyse performance and simulate conditions.  Your work should demonstrate your clear knowledge of the different types of technology used for each purpose that is appropriate for specific sports, activities and events. Learners will give relevant examples from a range of sports and exercise activities to support their conclusions. Learners will use appropriate terminology and give examples to illustrate their points throughout.
It is essential that you aim to use correct terminology throughout your article.
Layout of your Article:
Introduction (you don’t need to use this heading) :
Set out what the article will be discussing, give an overview of the link between collecting data about performance, analysing performance and the use of simulated conditions and how these have a clear impact on helping sports performers and those doing exercise activities to develop.
Technology for data collection – clearly discuss and methodically examine 4 of these technologies:
GPS Technology – used in football and rugby – what for, type of data they provide, impact on helping develop performance of players
Video Analysis – what is done, how this is done, what are its benefits to coaches and performers – give sports examples – link to the technology for performance analysis e.g. Dartfish – athletics (high jump), BMX biking.  Quintic – road and track cycling.  iBoxer for boxing
Force platforms – what are they, which sports or exercise performers may these be useful for and in what way can they help develop performance
Accelerometers – refer to these and their use to monitor daily movement enabling assessment of calorie needs based on energy expenditure
Radar Guns – used in sports like tennis and cricket – what for, how does the data provide impact on performers and how they may help performance development
Timing Technology – laser beams and  photocells and contact pads – used in athletics and swimming – what do they enable, how do they provide data and accuracy, what are their impacts on performance development
Technology for Performance Analysis
Here discuss different Apps that are able to analyse performance:
Select 3 from these, remembering to make it clear whether they are used for sports performance or exercise performance – how do they provide analysis of performance and also link closely to data collection (in which way?) how do they help achieve performance development
Heart Rate Monitor App
Ski Tracks
Fitness Buddy
Body Byte
Eye Vision
Performance Analysis packages / systems – StatsPerform or Hudl – what are they, which sports are they used for and in what way – link to data collection and performance development of individual performers and teams
Technology for Simulated Conditions
Refer here to the way these technologies help in improving performance of users – benefits of them, as well as how these, combined with collecting data and analysing performance through other methods, help achieve the improvement goals / development needs of sports performers or exercise performers. 
Virtual Replay and Ball Tracking technology-  Hawkey in cricket and tennis
Indoor Golf Simulators
Virtual GT Motorsports Simulators
Dawn Simulators
Having discussed each of the types of technology, clearly linking them to the various purposes and benefits, go onto discuss how significant an impact these technologies have on developing sports performance
Come to conclusions by examining the strengths and weaknesses or advantages and disadvantages of using technology for the three purposes