Assignment objective: Create an annotated bibliography of two academically credi

Assignment objective: Create an annotated bibliography of two academically credible sources and a research proposal of at least one full paragraph.

Length: Your overall submission should be at least 300 words.

References: At least two sources are required, and at least one must come from the CSU Online Library. Both sources should be academically credible (academic journals, eBooks, periodicals, organizational websites, etc.) and no more than 5 years old. Use APA Style 7th edition standards to format the reference citations for each source.

Details: Part I: Create an annotated bibliography of your two strongest sources: one that is in support of the pro side of your topic and one that is in support of the con side of your topic. Create a reference citation using APA Style and a short annotation or summary for each source. An annotation is a short paragraph that summarizes the source’s main points, purpose, and conclusions. You should also include at least one sentence that indicates how you might use the information from the source within your paper (it’s okay if your use of the source changes throughout the project).

Part II: Write a short research proposal paragraph that explains your chosen research topic, arguments on either side of the controversy, and finally, your tentative thesis statement. The purpose of the research proposal is to help you understand your project, gain direction and feedback on your project, and establish a blueprint for your project.

Begin with a few sentences that offer context (background information) about the topic.
Then, detail the controversy surrounding the issue, and include at least two sentences detailing the arguments on either side of the issue.
Finally, offer your tentative thesis statement, which is your overall argument about the issue. It is normal to hone and strengthen the thesis statement throughout the first few stages of the writing process, so it is okay if your thesis statement is not exactly where you want it to be just yet. The thesis should make a solid argument and offer a justification of the position (tell your reader why the argument is valid, important, or true).

Please view the Unit III Scholarly Activity example to see how the completed assignment should look.

Submission: Save the submission as a Word document or PDF and upload the document to Blackboard. You do not need to include a cover page, though you should use proper APA Style formatting for reference citations.