At the end of your class, you are required to create a project that reflects on

At the end of your class, you are required to create a project that reflects on your personal development. You should consider your project not only a formal academic task but also a personal opportunity to develop and apply your skills in communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and more. This project will be applied to income-generating commercial real estate, such as leased residential properties, commercial centers, office buildings, warehouses, and commercial towers.

The main content of your project should adhere to the following structure: 1- A brief introduction to the market area, and your subject and comparable properties. Please write this section in your own words and pictures. You cannot use any information from other sources, such as Aqar, haraj, etc. Such practice will result in a mark of zero. Also, make sure your description includes: a- The kind of market area where your subject property is located, including the general characteristics of region, city, and neighborhood. b- The subject property’s data includes site, building, and locational characteristics of your property. c- The specifications of the comparable properties (At least 3 properties) and explain why you selected these particular properties. 2- Using the reconstructed operating statement (Exhibit 8-1), estimate the net operating income (NOI). Describe each element in detail and provide your calculations. 3- Using the direct capitalization and discounted cash flow methods described in Chapter 8, estimate the market value of the subject property. For this part of the project, do not make assumptions regarding the determination of the discount rate and growth rate. I want you to do your research and explain how you arrived at each number. 4- A detailed explanation of any problems or challenges you faced.

i will provide you with all the detiles that you need abou location and subject and comparables