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Assignment Details:

Words: 1500


Your group are required to:


(i) Discuss the following aspects of Assurance Engagement and Other Related Services. Your group may choose one type from the list provided in Appendix A. Each group must perform a different type of engagement/service. First come first basis.  ( OUR GROUP DOING COMPILATION SERVICE)


(ii) Your report MUST include:


Provide at least two example of case studies (local/international) and delineate the key points including the structure and type of report produced pertaining to this type of engagement/service.
Provide source of authoritative support (e.g. Auditing Standard, Accounting and Review Services Standard, ISAE/ISRE/ISRS, Companies Act 2016 etc.) related to the assigned assurance engagement/other related services.




a)(Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 space)


b)It should have a proper introduction, conclusion and list of references. Make a proper citation to avoid plagiarism. Run TURNITIN and plagiarism rate does not exceed 20%. Include the Summary of Turnitin Report (1 page) in the Assignment Written Report.


Appendix A


List of Assurance related services/Non-Audit Assurance services


Agreed-upon procedures engagement
Attestation engagement – type of assurance service that audit firm issues audit report about the reliability of subject matter
Compilation service
Prospective financial statements
Public company interim review
Review service (SSARS review) – review of unaudited financial statements designed to provide limited assurance
Sys Trust attestation service
Web Trust attestation service


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Audit and Assurance Assignment Questions and Answers Service
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