Based on the processes that you have developed and the information in the Blackb

Based on the processes that you have developed and the information in the Blackboard shell, describe the process of writing the essay, including the planning exercises, and citing from those assignments as you worked through the development of the critique. This assignment should be 250 words at minimum, and you must cite specifics from your work to receive full credit. Be sure and offer a pointed, clear insight into the process that you used to develop the critique. 
First person should be used in this document.
Purpose: To foster development of process-based writing and encourage constant, consistent critical thought about the student’s process of writing and of writing in general.
Skills: The student should
Think critically about their own work
Articulate their process and the rationale behind it
Demonstrate the process of thought and inquiry as the piece develops.
Present an organized, clearly stated response.
The criteria for success:
A description and evaluation of the process of writing the critique
Chronological order is fine, but it must be more than the description
Must cite planning exercises and drafts, as well as their experience in composing the essay
Include both successes and hiccups in the process as you move forward, describing deviations from the planning exercises and draft to the final product that you wrote. Deductions will be made for not exploring those deviations.
A 250-500 word reflection on the piece.
The assignment will be worth 20 points.
Some questions to help get you started:
Why did I choose this piece (book, movie, tv show, song, etc)? What drew me to it, and why was it among the list of things I thought about?
How did the criteria change as I worked through the assignment (a good way to consider explaining any derivations you had from the planning exercise to the final draft).