BUS353: Replacing Stadium Lighting System, Developing a Project Plan and Managing Project Risk: Project Management Assignment, SUSS

Project: Replacing Stadium Lighting System


The Country Sports Council (CSC) is a statuary board under the Ministry of Community. Its mission is to empower people to live better through participation in sports and helping to bring sports into the lives of all citizens. It also manages the public sports facilities and works with other ministries to organize sports-related events.

Section 1: Leading the Project and Managing the Project Team

Question 1

(a) CSC’s management intends to change the National Stadium’s lighting from metal halide bulbs to LED bulbs. However, CSC has no expertise in lighting technologies. Propose a project arrangement that will enable CSC to get the work done. Appraise two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of this arrangement. For each disadvantage, recommend one (1) best practice to CSC to minimize its possibility of happening.

Note: Maximum word count for Question 1(a) is 500 words, which shall be indicated at the end of the answer.

(b) Luminous City Pte Ltd (LMC) is a company that specializes in installing lighting systems for commercial buildings. It has been using LED from Asian manufacturers.

Upon knowing that CSC intends to replace the National Stadium’s lighting, LMC approached CSC to understand its requirements and to help source solutions. LMC learned that CSC’s unique needs may be met by a German LED manufacturer, Bright Spark AG (BSA), although some customizations are still needed.

CSC consolidated the information from the industry players and issued a Request for Proposal for the Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of the National Stadium LED Lighting System. LMC worked with BSA to participate and eventually won the tender.

LMC’s management calls it the National Stadium Lighting (NSL) Project. Assuming that you are a Project Manager in LMC that is assigned to manage the NSL Project. You will be supported by LMC internal departments and BSA in this project.

From your Project Manager’s perspective, differentiate four (4) major organizations or groups of people (i.e., not a single person) as stakeholders in this project.

For each stakeholder, define its role in the NSL Project, describe the stakeholder’s interest in the project, and propose and explain how you will use one of the five major organizational currencies to influence this stakeholder.

(i) You may make and state your assumptions.
(ii) You must not repeat the same currency for different stakeholders.
(iii) Maximum word count for Question 1(b) is 500 words, which shall be indicated at the end of the answer.

Section 2: Developing a Project Plan and Managing Project Risk

CSC wants the NSL Project to start on 1 September 2022 and be completed by 15 November 2022. Your team worked out the list of activities as shown below:

Question 2

(a) To execute the project efficiently, you are required to:

Design a Gantt Chart with MS Project. The activities shall be shown in three levels. Activity 1 “National Stadium Lighting (NSL) Project” shall be the Level-1 Activity. The other activities are grouped into respective Level-2 groups as listed in Note 2 above. You shall refer to Textbook Chapter 4, Exhibit 4.1 for a similar format. You must show the “i”, Task Mode, Task Name, Duration, Start Date, Finish Date and Predecessor columns on the left of the Gantt Chart. Critical path activities shall be shown in red when applicable.

Assemble the following information from the Gantt Chart:
(i) Project duration
(ii) Completion date
(iii) Comments on the project schedule.
Note: You are not required to resolve any schedule issues.

(b) A project manager must be proactive to prevent risks from happening.

(i) Analyse five (5) potential risks that may happen in the NSL Project, one from each of the categories: Technical, External, Organisational, Project Management, and Customer. You shall use Table 2 to present your answers.

(ii) For each of the risks identified, solve it by choosing the most appropriate risk response way followed by an effective response plan. In total, you must use four (4) or more risk response ways.

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