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Chapters 5 and 6 50 points Directions: Thoroughly answer each of the five (5) qu

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Chapters 5 and 6
50 points
Directions: Thoroughly answer each of the five (5) questions.
Length requirement: Five complete sentences minimum per answer. Be sure to include:
1) the entire question at the beginning of each of your answers, so that no part of the question is overlooked (or 2 pt. deduction)
2) this list (see below) of references at the end of your test (or 2 pt. deduction):
3) References
Santrock, J. W. (2020). A topical approach to life-span development, 10th ed. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill
Other sources for Chapters 1 and 2 (Pp slides, e-documents, etc.)
Reminder from information on syllabus:
As you prepare your answers, keep in mind the focus of two course competencies:
The effects of heredity and environment in the developmental process.
The physical (biological), cognitive and socio-emotional developmental processes that occur across the human life span.
Also, keep in mind these four (4) intellectual standards of critical thinking:
clarity – easy to understand and free from confusion or ambiguity
accuracy – free from errors, mistakes, or distortions
precision – definite, specific, exact
relevance – bearing upon or relating to the matter at hand
[10 pts.] Chapter 5
1. Page 4 of Chapter 5’s notes includes a list of guidelines (dos and don’ts) that can benefit both parents and coaches of all children in sports. Which five (5) of the guidelines do you think are the most important guidelines on the list and why?
[10 pts.] Chapter 5
2. Research supports the view that p erceptual-motor development is a result of both innate foundations (nature) and environmental experiences (nurture). Provide at least two examples from your own perceptual-motor development to support this view.
[10 pts.] Chapter 6
3. Which theory—Piaget’s or Vygotsky’s—do you think provides a better explanation of your own cognitive development? Explain and be sure to include details (some of the theorist’s key terms) from the theory you’ve selected.
[10 pts.] Chapter 6
4. What cognitive changes in adulthood do you most identify with and why? Choose two (from the following four ideas) to formulate your answer: realistic and pragmatic thinking, reflective and relativistic thinking, postformal thought, or fluid mechanics and crystallized pragmatics. Include examples from your own experiences to show your understanding of the two ideas selected.
5. [Chapter 5 or 6]
Select some information from either Ch. 5 or Ch. 6 that interests you. Make sure that the information:
does not relate to any of the above questions,
does not mimic any of your answers to the above questions,
is not the key term (concept) you’d selected for the Chs. 5 and 6 Response Post, and
will not be discussed in your Ch. 5 or Ch. 6 Reflection Assignment.
[10 pts.] Clearly explain the information of interest to you and share with me why you selected that information (don’t forget the five sentences minimum requirement).

The post Chapters 5 and 6
50 points
Directions: Thoroughly answer each of the five (5) qu
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