Choose current articles related to Health Informatics

Choose current articles related to Health Informatics. Your chosen article must be from a reputable source (journal article, newspaper, etc.) that has a date of publication. Your article  do not need to be  approved by the instructor, however, if you are not sure if the article you chose is acceptable notify the instructor via course email before the assignment is due.
The article’s publication date should be from September of 2017 to the current date (this is supposed to be a current event). Do not use Blogs and or Wikipedia.
You are expected to read and report on your article in a one-two (1-2) pages (Excluding title and reference pages) typed assignment on a word document. The following should be included in your assignment:

Assignment Layout

Introduction: Explain why you chose your article.
Report content: Explain how your article relates to Health Informatics and or any chapters within the course required textbook. If you choose a topic that is not discussed in this course then you will need to do some extra reading and research.
Summary: Include your closing thoughts about the article (e.g. How does this affect you as a future health administrator and/or your future patients/clients?)=(future CRNA)

TWO references are required. Use the course textbook and or any credible resource, etc. as an additional reference for the background information in your summary. Cite your sources whenever paraphrasing or directly quoting someone else’s work. You should cite your article and at least one other source that you used for background information (in AMA format).
Provide a separate References page of the sources used for your current event summary (AMA format).
The assignment should be One-Two (1-2) pages in length (excluding title and reference pages). This means that your article should have a sufficient amount of Health Informatics content in order to complete the assignment.
The assignment must be written in complete sentences. Proper grammar, mechanics, spelling, and punctuation must be used throughout the summary.
The assignment should be typed out on a word document in AMA format. Each paragraph should consist 4-6 complete sentences.  12 font size should be used, font names that should be used are Times New Roman, normal margins (no more than 1 inch), double spaced, indentation, etc. Please include title page that consist of your name (First and Last), and title of the article (AMA format).
A link to your article should be submitted as a reference in proper AMA format with your assignment on the day that it is due.

Choose current articles related to Health Informatics

Title: “Telehealth: Moving Beyond the Pandemic”



I chose this article because telehealth has become increasingly relevant in healthcare, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a future Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), understanding the role of telehealth in delivering patient care is essential, as it may impact anesthesia practice and perioperative management.


Report Content:

The article discusses the expansion of telehealth beyond the pandemic and its implications for healthcare delivery. It highlights the increased acceptance and adoption of telehealth services by patients and providers, driven by convenience, accessibility, and the need for remote care during the pandemic. Additionally, the article explores the integration of telehealth into various healthcare settings, including primary care, specialty care, and mental health services.


In relation to Health Informatics, telehealth relies heavily on information technology to facilitate remote consultations, monitor patients remotely, and exchange health information securely. Health informatics plays a crucial role in telehealth by enabling the seamless transmission and analysis of patient data, ensuring privacy and security compliance, and supporting clinical decision-making.


The article aligns with concepts discussed in the course textbook, such as the use of electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine platforms, and health information exchange (HIE) systems to support telehealth initiatives. It also touches upon topics like interoperability, data analytics, and patient engagement, which are essential components of Health Informatics.



In conclusion, the expansion of telehealth presents both opportunities and challenges for healthcare administrators and providers. As a future CRNA, embracing telehealth technologies can enhance patient access to care, improve efficiency, and streamline perioperative processes. However, it also requires careful consideration of regulatory compliance, reimbursement policies, and patient safety concerns. By staying informed about advancements in telehealth and Health Informatics, I can adapt to evolving healthcare delivery models and provide high-quality anesthesia care in a telehealth-enabled environment.




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Rappleye, E. (2021, September 27). Telehealth: Moving Beyond the Pandemic. Becker’s Hospital Review. Retrieved from [insert link to article].

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