Classism In Mental Health Services The purpose of this assignment is to identify

Classism In Mental Health Services
The purpose of this assignment is to identify an area that you need to know/learn more about. As an emerging social worker, we may feel that we are not ready to fully engage in a situation with service users/clients, as a result of this, we may feel we are lacking in knowledge and skills.
The essay is related to the concepts of oppression and anti-oppression. The analytic paper must be 8 pages long, and the APA writing format is to be integrated. You will be assessed based on your ability to:
Select a challenging work situation that you experienced in the past. Identify the classismyou would like to critically explore and analyze. Provide a contextualized description of the situation. Describe why the situation is oppressive and how classism is related to the power relations that exist in the societal structure?  Describe why this classism’ is most challenging for you?
Describe how this certain type of oppression may also include intersections with other forms of oppression, and including the ideas and ideologies that drove the oppression;
What are the implications of the oppressions on the individual(s), and what are your immediate thoughts on this?
As an instrument of social change, what would you do to try and create ‘concrete’ change for the individual(s) at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels?
What new knowledge and skills would you need to develop to support the process?
What are some of the lesson you have learned and how are they going to guide your future social work practice?
The essay must be supported with evidence from readings, discussion, and the literature (Baines, D. (Ed.). (2017). Doing anti-oppressive practice: Social justice social work (3rd edition). Fernwood Publishing. ). 
All written assignments must be typed and double-spaced, and include a cover page containing the title, student’s name, student number, email address and date. Number all pages (including cover page as per APA). Paper and citation formats must comply with the current 7th edition of the American Psychological Association Publication (APA) Manual. When submitting, students should keep a spare copy of assignments.