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Integrating Source Materials (Quote and Paraphrase)


Find a quote you might use in your final essay and get the complete citation for it. DO NOT use a quotation aggregator site. Use an actual source that you might include in your final essay! Follow the instructions below for integrating and paraphrasing the quote. Both quoting and paraphrasing need a signal phrase to introduce the source material and both require appropriate in-text citation in the style for the topic.

  • Following the “sandwich technique” described in this week’s required reading, post a direct quotation from one of your sources as it would appear within the body of your research paper. Introduce your quote with a signal phrase. Provide some commentary for the quote. Include an in-text citation.
  • Next, paraphrase the same quotation and use a signal phrase and closing commentary to demonstrate how the paraphrase would appear in your research paper. Include an in-text citation.
  • Finally, give a full citation for the quotation in APA (if you are writing in APA format) or MLA (if you are writing in MLA format) format.

 If you leave off any of the citations (either in-text or in the bibliographic entry) you will lose points. However, you will not lose points for errors in your citation style. I will give you feedback on your citation style and the effectiveness of your contextualization.


When you respond to peers about integrating source materials, please provide feedback on how smoothly the quote is integrated and how well the paraphrase reflects the content of the original. 


Example for those using APA format


Example for those using MLA format

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