Component Function and Operating Environment: Manufacturing Assignment, UK


Students are expected to produce a report that would address the questions listed in Table 1. It is worth to note that one/two sections may be linked to each other; therefore, read the sections carefully before attempting to write the report.

You are given the following material choices: aluminium alloys, copper alloys, cast iron, different grades of steel, nickel-based alloys and composite material. You are asked to choose a material from this list for the main part of a domestic radiator to be made later this year or early next year. This can be used during winter to warm up houses in the UK. Figure 1 shows a section through a typical domestic radiator that is used in basic water central heating. It shows that the section is made of sheets manufactured/joined in lap joint configuration.

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This component is the part relating to section 1, 2 and 4 of the questions listed in Table 1. Given that a radiator is a type of heat exchanger, when addressing section 1 and 2 use the requirement for a heat exchanger to narrow down the materials choices. Scientific reasons for the selected material(s) should be included.

Format of the Report: About a 1500-word report is expected as the deliverable, with a minimum font size 10. Line spacing should be no more than 1.5 lines. This word limit excludes figures, tables, graphs, list of references and appendices. Ensure that you provide a list of the academic references at the end of the work; use University APA referencing system for in-text citation and the listing of the references. Text should be written for academic audience; hence, ensure you use the relevant rules (e.g., use of third person, passive format and include references within the text). Appendices should be used for diagrams and information if necessary.  The report can be submitted in Pdf or Doc format.

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Component Function and Operating Environment
Outline the service conditions that are caused by the component’s function {i.e. the heat exchanger) and the environment in which it functions and the conditions/ stresses the component will be designed to withstand (e.g.. types of stresses, temperatures, service atmospheres etc.). Where possible provide some quantification. List materials properties linked to the requirements.
Material Properties and Selection.
You are asked to select the most appropriate material for the component (the main part of a domestic radiator), list the best material(s) if minimising cost is the objective. Provide the reason for your selection.

You will plot one or two graph(s) in Granta Edupack {or using data from a reference book} to justify your choice. Make sure the correct attributes/ properties are used during material setection.

2b You have now been informed that the heat exchanger is going to be used in the production line in chemical industry with a corrosive fluid funning through it. Identify the best material(s) that suits this new application. Provide the reason for your selection.

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