Connections between Adolescence, Addiction, and Social Media: A Case Study Analysis

After reading the case study on Social Media Addiction and reading the assigned textbook chapters in Module 3: Lecture Materials & Resources, please address the following:
What are three connections between the textbook and the case study in regard to adolescence and addiction?
What can you relate to in your experience regarding this case study?
What is something you disagree with regarding the case study?
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Substantive postings are those that respond to a question in a way that clearly supports a position, offers a contrasting or divergent point of view, begins a new topic, clarifies a point already made, or adds to the existing discussion by critically reflecting on what’s been said or moves the discussion in another direction. Agreeing with someone else is not a substantive posting.
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Lally, M., & Valentine-French, S. (2019).
Link to Lifespan Development Textbook
Chapter 5: Middle and Late Childhood
Chapter 6: Adolescence
For Discussion:
Jain, S. (2019). A study of correlation of social media addiction and self esteem among secondary school students.…
Social Media Addiction Case Study

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